Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's my name?


The pink eye has spread from my right eye to my left eye. I should have been putting the damn ointment in my left eye all along, but who wants to do that? Actually what I should have done is go to the damn doctor and get a new prescription for drops and not use the leftover ointment, but I have been home with a sick SkyWalker (ear infection, vomiting, fever). He's barely eaten today, but he's much more lively. In fact he has been throwing things and has been a bit of a pain in the ass. Compared to his laying on the couch with me, burning up, not having the energy to do anything, I guess I'll take the cheeky monkey as he is now. Hopefully he will not vomit his lunch and then perhaps he can go to school (daycare) tomorrow. I have an OB appt so if he can't go Vader will have to be home. I feel like crap from carrying the sick boy and I'm fully expecting to either break my back or go into labor sometime this week.

There's even more going on but I my eyes are tired and hurt and I am hungry.

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Bee said...

I'm sorry... If there was anything I could do, you know I would... Just think -- at least you're not in the hospital under the care of Keltia's doctors, right?!?