Friday, April 6, 2007

Pajama Day

I can see why teachers and kids think pajama day is fun. And it is--once a year. Maybe even once every 6 months. We had pajama day today. The last pajama day was less than a month ago, on March 16, I think. Right near St. Patrick's Day.

This is ridiculous. I heard some TA today say something to SkyWalker about "well, at least you didn't have to get dressed today." Huh? Is that what they think we do? Let them get out of bed and just leave? Maybe some parents would send their kids in the pajamas they just slept in, but not me. And actually until he's potty trained and not having huge soaking wet diapers after 12 hours of sleeping, he wears a different pair of pajamas every night. Yes, I know, many parents of non-potty trained kids do not change their pajamas every night. I have enough pajamas. He wears a different pair every night. Even if he doesn't actually pee in them, after a night of having a full diaper they just don't exactly smell fresh... And he drools.. and gets snot all over them. Anyway, so I send him in a brand new clean pair of pajamas for pajama day and all it does is confuse him because he doesn't know why the hell he's wearing pajamas during the day. It's very irritating.

What's also irritating is that he's laying on the couch and has been pointing his ass in my face and farting. At least he's not doing it on purpose like some people that live here. He stinks though. He's been complaining about poop again... he pooped on Wednesday with no assistance, but I don't know if he pooped yesterday. He did eat some bran flakes for dinner tonight so at least he's not refusing to eat like on Tuesday.

I feel like crap. My back hurts, I've been a little crampy and I've had diarrhea today. Joy. I went to the OB yesterday and they did another non-stress test and everything came out okay and my urine is fine so really there's no reason to believe anything is awry, but as I've said many times there is no room in the pregnant brain for logic. So of course I'm scared and nervous and freaked out. I really hope Vader gets home earlier than his usual late, but I don't see it happening. It's funny, we're making sure that I'm not working alone at the library (even though I wouldn't be in the building alone) but I'm alone every evening with a toddler and two dogs. What am I going to do if I start bleeding then? Or go into early labor? This just sucks.

SkyWalker and I are having a bit of a power struggle right now so I suppose I should get off the computer. He seems to think that if he repeatedly hands me the remotes I'm going to let him watch another movie. Oooh, he "needs" the fire truck movie. Well, then that's just a different story isn't it? If he "needs" it.

Oh man, on top of his stinky farts one of the dog's just ripped one so bad there must be poop somewhere.

Ha! Now he's opened the cabinet door for the DVD player. Like it makes a difference. He is persistent. I'll give him that. The drama is hilarious though. I know half of it is because he needs to poop. But I mean really, to cry because you can't watch any more movies? That's just ludicrous. HA! Now he's saying he wants the coo-coo (choo-choo) movie. Giggle. Dude, how can you go from *needing* the fire truck movie to the coo-coo movie? He's just full of shit. Well, yeah, I guess he is full of shit...

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Bee said...

Yeah... Can't say I would just change his diaper and head out to daycare... That TA probably doesn't have kids, I would think, so she doesn't understand how parents would want to dress their kids in a nice, fresh outfit before leaving the house in the morning... Bah! If you go into early labor and I am working, you can call me to come get you and bring you to the hospital... I even have a car seat that could fit Skywalker! Hope you're having a better, less-smelly day today...