Thursday, May 10, 2007

I can't think of a snazzy title

Not that any of my titles are ever snazzy.

Since being home I have settled into a nice little routine. I get up around 8-8:30 when Vader and SkyWalker leave. Eat breakfast, drink my tea, get online. Around 10ish I get in the shower (sooner than that and I will vomit). Then at 11:30ish I have my first snack--waffles and orange juice. I have lunch at 1ish, my second snack at 3:30 and then the boys are home at 5:45-6. In between the eating I am online all frickin day long. But I'm not watching a lot of TV (during the day at least) so that's good. And being online is kind of like my lifeline--if I can't make it to the phone at least I've got the laptop in front of me and can type "call 9-1-1!".

I had a nice little cluster of contractions yesterday that actually made me start counting, but in retrospect I know they were just braxton hicks. I haven't had any with any kind of regularity yet. I'm pretty sure I did have an all-out contraction yesterday evening, it felt different than the BH and I felt it in my entire abdomen not just the tightness at the top or the light menstrual cramp feelings I've been getting. But it was only one.

My house was organized and straightened up last week and now it is a mess. Sigh. I just don't have the energy to do anything about it. I know that's not why I'm home, but it's still just sucky.

The dogs are outside laying on the deck and I should really go out with them but that would involve putting shorts on. I think I could get away with sitting out there in my underwear but what if we get a delivery? I should have shorts on.

I watched Lost this morning. I liked it. I'm at the point where I would like to see some damn answers and see how they're going to end this damn show. But it was a good episode. Veronica Mars was okay the other night. Paul Rudd was excellent and made it worth watching. But without an overall story arc VM just isn't the same, Granted it's got to be a good arc... And Heroes has totally sucked me in. From what I hear there will be an actual resolution to the storyline. Unlike Lost that has you saying "What the hell?" from year to year. I'm also watching that Notes From the Underbelly show--all about pregnancy and babies. It's funnier than I thought it would be, but I think it has a limited audience--basically pregnant women and moms.

Blah blah blah. I am boring myself.

I have some funny SkyWalker stories that I will share next time because I'm just not in the mood right now.

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Bee said...

Well, I hope that your contractions stop messing with you... You
need to convince your uterus to be productive or knock it the hell
off! Teeheehee... Looking forward to those stories...

medlibrarygirl said...

I've been watching Notes from the Underbelly too...Cooper is my favorite! Big surprise, I know. :)

ayanna said...

haven't watched "underbelly," but love "heroes" now. i think i am having more real contractions now (and yes, please take my effacement!). my hands hurt when then are down by my side, so now i have to watch out for that, too. (no sausage fingers yet, but i can't wear my rings.)

Jedi Mama said...

I just took my rings off too! :-( I NEVER take them off so I feel quite naked. Which is actually fine since most of the day I walk around in my underwear anyway. My fingers don't look swollen, but I can usually slip my rings off easily and I had to struggle to get them off yesterday. I just left them off. Better safe than sorry.