Wednesday, May 2, 2007

First day

Today is my first day at home having acquired a doctor's note saying I should not work anymore. It feels very odd to be at home and not really be sick-sick. Sure, it hurts to walk, I'm having irregular contractions and still putting drops in my eyes, but I don't have a fever or a cold.

I've started laundry, run the dishwasher, straightened up the kitchen (again), moved the winter coats to the attic, worked on my scrapbook. But I've also eaten a few times and just sat on the couch chatting online. I think that's the difference. I can get up and do stuff but as long as I keep getting off my feet and resting I'll be okay. And doing one load of laundry is so much easier than 5 on the weekend.

The only annoying thing has been the damn guinea hen and it's ridiculously loud noises that keep making the dogs bark. At least I can mostly ignore them and not have to jump up to make sure that SkyWalker is not running to the door to see what they are barking at. I wonder if it's suicidal. They mate for life and one of the pair got killed last year (hit by a car I think) so there's just one that keeps coming over here. The other day it was walking on top of the fence. The fence for the dogs' yard. It's in for quite a surprise if it falls in there. But maybe that's what it wants.

I am eating cheese doodles and drinking milk and sitting on the couch reading my e-mail and chatting online using my wireless laptop.

Yeah, I could get used to this.

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Bee said...

Sounds like you're having a good time at home... Good for you! I am thrilled to be working, so we're all happy at last!!!

ayanna said...

welcome to the couch! i don't have a laptop, so still have to make my way upstairs and downstairs. i get contractions when i change positions, i have discovered -- i'll have to report this to the OB, i guess (i thought the tightening was the baby moving, but no, it's contractions). i can't do laundry, tho' -- i can't get things out of the dryer, and bending to pick things up is too damn hard.beware the danger of TLC shows... :)

Jedi Mama said...

the couch and I have become quite fond of each other. :-)i get the cramping contractions and the tightening contractions. fun fun. but nothing horrible. not yet anyway. ;-)I've been pretty good about the TV--I've watched a couple of shows I had recorded but that's it. The last thing I need to see is A Baby Story or whatever those shows are! Hang in there! We'll be out of this before we know it.