Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I can't think of a catchy title

We had the Princess's 2nd ultrasound today (luckily just an ultrasound and not VCUG). The kidney dilation is still there. Looks like her 2nd ureter on the right side is not going into the bladder where it should be (well, duh, it's not even supposed to be there!). To confirm this they will send some type of scope up her hoo-ha to get an image of things. They're pretty sure they're right. So they'll cut her open and fix it. They'll take the bad ureter and attach it to the good one and then she should be okay for the rest of her life. We'll be able to stop the damn amoxicillin (that I have to refill tonight damnit) as soon as she recovers from surgery.

It hasn't completely sunk in that once again one of my babies will be having surgery. SkyWalker was 6 months old when he had his hypospadius surgery. The Princess is only 4 months old and it should be done before she's 6 months. Luckily she is so big and healthy and thriving and she can afford to lose a pound if it comes to that. But it still just sucks. I think one of the worst things any parent can hear is that her child needs surgery. There are certainly worse things, and worse surgeries, but she is still my baby.

They'll call us to schedule the scope procedure and the surgery. Should be in the next month or 2. Hopefully it will be in October and not interfere with Thanksgiving when we go to Long Island. I think he said it'll be an overnight. She'll have a catheter just like SkyWalker did. Sigh. I am hoping that the timing is such that I don't need to take off work but the Princess is very much a Mama's girl... she may just need Mama (and Mama's boobs) to feel better afterwards.

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Bee said...

I will be sure to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers...