Thursday, September 27, 2007

New beginning

Whenever I start my new life it's usually on a Monday and never works out, so I figured I'd mix it up a bit and start on a Thursday.

Some crap is going to happen in the next month or 2. The Princess will be having surgery. The best friend will be moving thousands of miles away and I'll bet it will be before the surgery. I am NOT going to let this get me down. If I want my children to grow up happy and well adjusted I need to be a good role model. I'm not saying that I want them sheltered or that it's better to be in denial about things... but I need to be more positive. I am the happiest I have ever been being at home with them. I am where I belong. I kick ass. SkyWalker loves learning and we do the letter of the week and we're having a great time and not just watching TV. The Princess is happy and content. I am doing a good job as a mom and I'm going to stop pretending I'm not. It sucks that the Princess will be having surgery, but it's good that we're getting this done now. I don't want her on amoxicillin for the rest of her life! It sucks that my best friend is moving. I don't believe that she's coming back even if that's what they're saying now. And that sucks. But it's not the end of the world. We'll survive. Our friendship will survive. I will survive. SkyWalker will survive. There are worse things in life. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and is my everything. I have the family I've always wanted and needed. I have a good life. And goddamnit I'm going to be happy about it.

And if I don't get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning and exercise who cares?! I am going to stop beating myself up. I am a mom with 2 young kids and 2 dogs, one of whom is still recovering from surgery. I'm doing pretty damn good. I'm only going up from here.

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bookishbiker said...

I'm so glad you're realizing this. Can you print it out somewhere? :-) You ARE an awesome mom and you're exactly where you want to and need to be - and you're doing a great job. Embrace it!

Bee said...

You are freakin' awesome, and I am glad you're taking the time to recognize it!

Jedi Mama said...

Thanks! :-) I should print it out.... you'll just have to remind me the next time I start whining and complaining about something. :-)