Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There's always something

Right? There's just always something.

FIL is still in the hospital. He wasn't eating and was getting sick, which is common with chemotherapy, but it was really bad. After being in the hospital for over 24 hours they finally talked to a doctor. They thought his bowels were obstructed, but after talking to him more they decided to check his bladder (the new one). They put a catheter in and it was totally full. He wasn't emptying it... that *might* be why he didn't want to eat. Now they have to figure out what's wrong with his new bladder. And if that's even what's causing this latest setback. Cancer is a bitch.

SkyWalker is using his new laptop right next to me. It's very cute but I wish the volume didn't chirp.

Yesterday I took both kids to the local firehouse so I could vote in a very important primary. They wouldn't let me vote! Apparently when you switch parties it doesn't take effect until after a national election. What the hell??? So I registered as a republican for no reason, I had to drag the kids out for no reason, I had to drag Haze into the house so I could leave FOR NO REASON! Argh. When we got home I only had an hour before we had to leave for the doctor. The Princess had fallen asleep and miraculously stayed asleep in the garage (she does not sleep outside the home), so I left the kids in the car, ran in the house, got SkyWalker's school bag (with his extra underwear) threw some books in there, and we left again. SkyWalker fell asleep on our way to Burger King. I went through the drivethru and headed to the pediatrician for the Princess's 4 month check up. As soon as we got there she woke up. At least she got 45 minutes to sleep. SkyWalker was still sleeping so I scarfed down my burger. He woke up, ate most of his chicken nuggets and we headed in to the doc. (for those who care, the Princess is now 14 lbs, 4 oz, 24 5/8 inches). Everything went fine. Finally got home at 4 pm and my wonderfully understanding boss (thanks The Nice Librarian) had left a message on the machine telling me to just stay home (we weren't sure if Vader was going to make it home from the hospital in time and it turns out that because he was able to stay later he could actually hear what the doctor said, so it was really good that I was home). It was a hell of a day.

The Princess slept like crap last night and now has a fever from those damn shots. SkyWalker was adamant that we not go to gymnastics again, and since the Princess needed her sleep I decided to just drop out, I was glad I did when I woke her up and she had a fever and screamed for 30 minutes before I got her to nurse. I feel a little bad about giving up on gymnastics after only one time, but SkyWalker was very insistent that he did NOT LIKE GYMNASTICS and he kept saying he likes soccer and wants to go there. So we'll have storytime on Tuesdays and soccer on Thursdays and the Princess (and Mama) will get to recover at home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If he didn't have soccer, or was saying the same thing about soccer I would still bring him to gymnastics. But because he so strongly stated that he liked one and not the other I don't think this is just a "I want to stay home" ploy.

Oh yeah, I read in the paper that the very important primary was decided by only 6 votes (and not in the way I wanted it)!!! Damnit! I wonder if anyone else was turned away for the same reason. I'm sure if anyone did change parties to vote, it would have been for the same reason I did it and our guy might have won if we could have voted!

Damn local politics.

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