Wednesday, January 2, 2008

As requested

Here is my favorite of the glitter globes. Inside is a poor snowman wondering when the hell his acid trip will be over.

My son spelled DOG. He is 3. He spelled DOG. He arranged his fridge letters to do so, and he also verbally told me "D-O-G" today. He. Is. A. Genius.

He's also been talking on the phone a lot--on his hand phone. He holds his hand up to his ear, laughs, smiles, nods, says "hmmm hmmm" "Okay" and makes very funny gestures and faces that I imagine *I* make while on the phone. Today he talked to his best friend in Texas, to a random "Man" (I told him to tell the man he was having lunch so he couldn't talk and he said "Okay, man, I having lunc ((he doesn't pronounce his ch's... except curiously to ask for chips...)) now") and to a dog. To the dog he said "Doggie... you not need to bark." I just laughed and laughed. At one point he was talking to me and he looked at me and even though I wasn't interrupting he said "You not talk!" I guess 2 mommies talking at once would have blown his mind.

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yarnlibrarian said...

Bwahaha! Even when you said he had used all the glitter I still didn't picture it like this. That is great!

Bee said...

LOL! That is so funny! I, too, never thought it would end up looking like that... Not sure, in hindsight, what the hell I thought it would look like... Awesome!