Thursday, December 4, 2008

A bunch of nothings

Muppets from Space is a funny movie but I don't think SkyWalker is really getting it. Too much plot, I guess. 

After a few days of being home and having my buttons pushed we went to a playdate at the library this morning. It was SO nice to be able to just play in the storytime room and not have to worry about chasing the kids. As an added bonus we went to lunch--at our favorite place--with friends this time--and I had the best burger I have had in eons. The kids were fine, spilling milk and being loud, and we were able to have real adult conversations. In bits and pieces of course, but you get my point. It was divine. 

Why is Pacey in this movie? And um, what was Katie Holm's on Dawson's Creek? I can't remember her name. Crikey.  I could look it up but that's not as much fun as torturing myself. 

The Princess has her ultrasound/VCUG tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will be posting that she is reflux-free and will be off the amox in a few months. I'm sure they'll keep her on it a little longer just to be safe. When she first started it (the day she was born) it used to bug me how much I had to get rid of after the 2 weeks were up. Regardless of how much is left over you have to get rid of it after 2 weeks and get a new bottle. It would be mostly full. Now? It bugs me even more because we have just enough for 2 weeks. There's a big difference between the dose for a 7 pound baby and a 23 pound toddler. She has been on it *that* long, not counting her brief few month hiatus after her first surgery. 

Yes, I changed the name at the top of this blog. Not the address, just the name. As much as Miss Bagel disagrees with me, I'm just not the goddesslibrarian anymore. There was a time when I kicked ass in this profession but that time was long ago.

Whenever I type anything SkyWalker always asks me if I'm typing "a bunch of nothings." I believe I told him that once A YEAR AGO. And he won't let it go. Sadly though, he's usually right.

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Felice said...

Oh, those ladies, always typing a bunch of nothings.Good luck with the u/s & vcug. My fingers are crossed for positive results. I think you could use some good news :-)

Selena said...

I hope everything goes well with the tests tomorrow and you get some positive news :-)