Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thanksgiving was good. It was nice being with my family and letting them share the jedi. It's always easier when there are so many people you can pass them off too. I couldn't make ferry reservations for the way home when I made the original reservations and then I just forgot about it until the day before we left. At which point all the possible ferry times we would have chosen were booked. So we drove around and it sucked. We left at 10 and didn't get home until 5. We did stop for an hour for lunch and had to stop again for SkyWalker to pee, but for the most part it was just traffic. 

SkyWalker has his "I've been away from home" cold. Just snot and coughing. He's upstairs in his room now, presumably napping. 

The Princess had her 18 month check up yesterday. I had to fill out a questionnaire... which was was weird because I hadn't seen one of those since SkyWalker was in daycare. And I wasn't the one who filled it out then! She scored really well on her gross motor and fine motor and most everything. There were a couple of weird problem solving questions-- if you put a cheerio in a bottle does your child try to get it out. I don't know. I try not to put cheerios in bottles. She is 23 pounds, 4 ounces and 32 inches long. To put that into perspective, SkyWalker is 32 pounds and 39 inches long. If he doesn't start eating his meat and vegetables his baby sister is going to be bigger than he is! 

I saw so many christmas trees on the cars when we came back on Sunday. I just have to laugh. I don't see the point in putting up the tree on December 1... by December 25 it's got to be half-dead. I would wait until Christmas Eve like my parents always did, but you can't do that anymore because of all of the people who get theirs on Thanksgiving. The latest we can go is the weekend before. We don't decorate it until Christmas Eve though. And then the first time the kids see it all lit up and magical is Christmas morning. We should plant our own so we can wait. That would be cool. 

I'm coveting the iPhone again. But I don't really use my cell phone. I have the pay as you go one, and I put $100 last January. I have roughly $60 left. And that's because whenever I can I get online with it just to spend some money! I did that during the car ride and it was sucky, but at least it cost me a couple of bucks. I think what I would rather have is the iTouch. Because really all I want is an iPod that will stay charged over night and something that will get me on the internets and be pretty not texty. Sadly though, even though I think nothing of buying Vader an iPod, or two, I won't spend that kind of money on myself. Not now. Even with my iPod being all wacky. Damn my responsibility. I could have asked for one for Christmas instead of the treadmill, but once again there's that frickin' responsibility thing.

My house is a mess. The kitchen smells. I still haven't taken pictures of the painted walls. Maybe next summer. 

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Gina said...

Hey we were at the doctor's today so we must have just missed you guys by a day or two! I kept telling Tony that this was the same woman his good friend goes to so of course when he got his shots and started crying hysterically who's house did he ask to go to????

Jedi Mama said...

Awww, yeah I had TWO get shots and cry hysterically. Fun. Poor boy, we could have used a visit yesterday too.

Shinesalot said...

Dude, you can let your house go to hell, but you HAVE to post pictures of the paint - PLEASE!!!! It's torture being this far away!

bookishbiker said...

My dad got an ipod touch (which I think of as the iTouch.. sounds dirty!) and really really loves it. Not that you'll spend the money!