Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The jedi

SkyWalker insisted that the Princess sit next to him during lunch today (instead of across from him) because "I love her". He claimed that he would take care of her, i.e., make sure she didn't drop anything. Then he said "If it's clean, I can touch it. If it's not clean YOU can touch it." I'm assuming he meant her cup or whatever else she might throw. Then he asked me to cut his peanut butter and jelly sandwich into triangles because he wasn't doing very well. He told me to "do the best you can." Thanks dude.

Sometimes he is so damn funny. The past few days they seem to alternate between being really funny and cute and being really annoying. Often it's at the same time as well. They're just so cute TOGETHER, even when they're being mischievious and getting into trouble. The other night I was telling the both of them they had to clean up before bedtime. The Princess had made a lot of the mess and I was telling her what she had to do, when SkyWalker claimed it was NOT clean up time but it was still playtime. I said "No, it's clean up time and if you don't clean up I'm going to put you in time out." The Princess, who was NOT being spoken to, walked away from me and headed into the living room and put HERSELF in time out. Apparently she didn't want to clean up either. It was hilarious. SkyWalker joined her and then time out was tickle and giggle time. I've put her in time out before (for pulling plugs and whatnot) but this was the first time she got there herself and sat right down and stayed there. They did wind up cleaning up.

Can someone tell me why my son eats his coat and his shirts? He didn't put crap in his mouth until his sister came along... toys are one thing, but he's ruining his shirts and his coat is just disgusting. I just washed it but I can't keep doing that. I'm tempted to let him chew gum, but I really don't want to go there and even if he didn't swallow it I'm sure his sister would get her hands on some and swallow it. Of course as I type this I keep putting my own damn fingers in my mouth. Apples and trees, I guess. But I could deal with his fingers. His clothing is just freakin' weird. 

Another funny thing he's been saying: "I'm gonna kick Daddy in the head." Just out of the blue. Of course I tell him it's not very nice, but it's pretty funny. I know how you feel Dude. 

The Princess has been saying: "glasses", "BABY"--whenever she sees a doll anywhere, "more", "please", and her body parts. Oh and "buddy" for her teething blanket thing with the bear head that I call her sleeping buddy or bedtime buddy. She's become quite attached to that and pulls it through the slats on the crib so she can walk around with it. The other night Vader was showing her the map and telling her countries and she repeated "Australia." I kid you not. I'm not sure if she could tell you where it is, like SkyWalker could, but she can say it.  

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Bee said...

Boogie has also recently started chewing on his shirts, coat, mittens, etc... WTF?!? Wish I had a piece of advice instead of just commiserating, but sadly, I do not...