Tuesday, October 2, 2007

He grew!

I don't know how much I've mentioned it on this blog, but SkyWalker is a bit of a skinny-minny. He was underweight at 6 months and while he started gaining weight again he never caught up. He still hasn't but it's nice to see that he is gaining something. We had our check up today and he's almost 37 inches tall and a whopping 27 pounds. Tee-hee. Poor boy will be in a booster seat until he's 15! He did great identifying the shapes for the vision test. He drew a line and a circle for the doctor. He did really well and was such a good boy. Until we got to the parking lot of course. Sigh. He has this problem whenever we get in the car to leave somewhere. He runs to the back of the van and I have to drag him into his carseat. I made a deal with him today that from now on I will tell him if he has time to play and if he does he can play and if he doesn't he has to get in his seat immediately. He remembers that the UPS truck delivered a book case 6 or 7 months ago. Let's see if he remembers our deal tomorrow.

The princess is rolling over like crazy. Unfortunately she's getting stuck on her tummy and crying at night. And then getting so awake that she gets hungry. I am looking forward to this phase being over. But I am completely and totally in love with her. So it's all good.

On Friday we went to an apple farm. Last week's letter of the week was "A", hence the apple farm. I had never been before. SkyWalker had a lot of fun. This week is Letter "S". We're going to the planetarium. But that starts with P, you say? Yes, but there's space and solar system and sky and sun and stars. And it's at the science museum. We'll probably go pumpkin picking during P week. After this week I can do whatever letters I want. I've been doing his name.

He had a good time at storytime today. The Princess was so distracted while trying to nurse I don't know what to do. I might wind up pumping before we leave home while she is still hopefully sleeping and then just giving her a bottle. At least she can turn her head then. And not expose my boob to my poor unsuspecting co-workers. Or storytime dads. (No, really, there was no boob exposure. I was careful.)

Ah well, pumping time is over. I had a whole thing about closure I wanted to talk about and whether or not it was necessary in the end of a friendship or if it was better to just fade away but alas I have no time left. 

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Bee said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... "end of a friendship"?!? Just because your BF is moving away doesn't mean that won't be your friend anymore! I hope that isn't what you're thinking... She came in to the library the other day, and we were talking about you, and I know she is going to miss you terribly... Goodness' sakes, woman... See you at work tomorrow night...

Jedi Mama said...

HAHAHA. No, no, no. I'm talking about the *other* unresolved situation. You can count the number of friends I have on one hand and there's only one that's ending. Or has ended. Whatever. I would only end a friendship because of lying and cheating, not distance.