Thursday, February 21, 2008


2 weeks will not hurt the Princess. I will switch her to cow's milk during the day before we go to NC to make both the road trip and the actual trip easier and just continue to nurse first thing in the morning and at bedtime. I'll be giving her yogurt as soon as her diaper rash clears up (if it ever frickin' does) so I'll be able to see if she has any problem with dairy... and if she does, well 2 weeks wouldn't have mattered anyway. She should have seen the ped. for her 9 month check up this week but her doc had the nerve to have a baby herself and is on maternity leave. So she's going next month. I'll get permission then. ;-)

I realized today why this is such a decision though... when SkyWalker turned a year old I switched him to cow's milk during the day and nursed him morning and night. Same plan right? But it was different because I was working full-time. So what I was cutting out was pumping during the day! He was getting bottles at daycare anyway... who cared what was in them? It did hurt on the weekend but not tremendously. (Poor bookishbiker had to read all about  that too!) Now, I am home all day with the Princess. So I'm going to be cutting out... myself. Sure I can stop pumping at 6 am and at work and that will be nice (although if I'm doing the bedtime feed would I still pump at work? Hmmm), but for the most part I will be replacing myself. I'm giving up a lot more.  

Of course I am talking about 2 months from now so why am I even thinking about this?

Because I am a planner. And a worrier. I'm always thinking ahead of myself.

Funny things SkyWalker has been saying:

while loading his cars into the little bathroom garbage I have, "Now, don't get in my way."
"Don't drop your hot tea Mommy." (I wasn't even close)
"Don't get in trouble." I don't know who *I* would get in trouble with. But he keeps saying this one to me.
"You member? You have to..."

After snacky-snack he asked for a chocolate (V-Day buttercups). I asked him what he had to do for a chocolate and puckered my lips waiting for a kiss. He said "Pee?" I laughed and said "No, what do you think you have to do?" and puckered my lips again even more exaggerated. He said "Drink water?" And I lost it laughing and did the whole thing again and he finally said "Kiss Mommy??" It was just hilarious. It's not like I routinely ask him to kiss me in order to get chocolate but I thought the puckered lips was a dead give-away. Although he's right in that I ask him to pee before he does ANYTHING. It's a wonderful tactic and I highly recommend it. Want to eat? Pee. Want to watch TV? Pee. Want to play downstairs/outside? Pee. Want to leave this house? Pee. It's great.

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QK said...

Your SkyWalker has great sense of humour! )))

bookishbiker said...

ha! my friends are always amazed at my unusual amount of baby knowledge. At least some of it comes from you! though you HAVE been quite reticent on the topics of potential boob damage from nursing - or you were lucky. I have heard some horror! stories of late. I maintain the whole shebang is unnatural.
If it were my hypothetical cow's milk introduction, I might do it sooner than a day before the road trip. I'm also a planner and worst-case picture-er, and it seems like it would be good to have a few days to be SURE it doesn't bother her, and if it does, a day or so to get her back onto you-milk.

Bee said...

Dude! That peeing thing must be from our OCD! I tell Boogie, "You don't have to actually pee, but you have to do a potty try." That way, he doesn't fight me AND still ends up peeing... Teeheehee