Thursday, February 7, 2008

My week

has actually been pretty damn good. Aside from some icky drama with Vader about going to North Carolina, this has been a great week. We had Bee and Boogie over for a playdate on Monday and the boys actually played *together* in the ball pit downstairs and got along well. SkyWalker hasn't been napping but he has been sleeping at night so I can't complain. The Princess is nursing better and has shocked the crap out of me by napping wonderfully! On Monday she took a good first nap, just over an hour, so I thought I was screwed. I put her down for her second nap and 30 mins in she started crying. But I was busy and irritated so I just let her cry. For all of 3-5 minutes and then she abruptly stopped, soothed herself and went back to sleep for another hour and a half! I went up there when I couldn't take it anymore. Same thing on Tuesday but just fussing no real crying. Yesterday she didn't even cry, just slept for 2 hours (after an hour and change in the morning). Today wasn't as good, but I'll take an hour and a half over the 45 minutes I was getting... she was a wee bit congested so maybe that's why she wasn't happy. It's amazing how a good nap for your kid can actually make YOU feel refreshed. It's too bad that SkyWalker won't nap anymore.

This crawling thing has actually helped a lot. I'd bet she's tiring herself out and that's why she's napping. But she's also keeping herself entertained in the living room so I can do dishes or cook and just peek in and make sure she's  not in trouble. SkyWalker is pretty good at watching her though.... the other day I paid him a dollar for a minute when I ran downstairs to the office and left them in the living room (the dogs were outside). The dogs have accepted the fact that she is now mobile and they have actually been retreating to the bedroom and napping ALL DAY. It's been so wonderfully weird.

She had grilled cheese for lunch yesterday and today and it was the greatest thing since... well... grilled cheese. I don't know how much past a year we'll be able to go with the nursing... she seems to LOVE her food so much. Who is this child?

SkyWalker has spent the last two days singing "This is the way to storytime... to storytime... to storytime." It is hilarious. He's also been singing This Old Man to himself. He's been very funny this week--the other day I said that Daddy was in the living room changing the princess's diaper and he didn't hear me say princess so he said "You're wrong Mommy." and told me what I just told him. Then I put his fork with his corn and his spoon with his chicken nuggets and he said "You're wrong Mommy!" Grrr... He's too young for that! But it's wicked funny.

And with that I am going to forage for a snack before I return to the outside working world.

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Bee said...

So glad your week is going well -- and that I could be a part of it! Boogie and I really enjoyed the playdate, so I am glad that you and SkyWalker enjoyed it too!