Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There is no one in the children's room. Not one single person, since I am now in the office. It is snowing and freezing rain and people are not leaving their houses. The director was here and is driving home and will call us to tell us how the roads are and whether we should close early. Since it is now 7:46 I'm not sure what "early" means. We close at 9. We can't close at 8. So what? 8:30? Half an hour? If that.

The pipes have been replaced. The plumber(s) are almost done--they just have the laundry room to connect and then that's it. Well, except for the huge holes in my walls and ceiling. We took pictures. I'll have to post them later.

The Princess will be 9 months old on Friday. She is standing up holding on to the ottoman and trying to take little baby steps. FSM help me.

Back to the silence of the children's room. Which is actually kind of lovely. ;-)

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