Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's 8 pm

Do you know where your children are? Mine are in bed, having just cried themselves to sleep. I'm not sure quite sure I've ever had a night when they BOTH screamed in protest. At least not like this. 

We spent the day screaming at each other until finally I announced we were leaving the house. I wanted to go to Target. SkyWalker wanted to go to people's houses. We compromised and went to the library instead. The library was just what we needed. SkyWalker made a friend at the train table, telling me to go away so he could talk in private. It was reassuring and funny and right on time since he starts preschool next week. I think he'll be just fine. 

We got home with Burger King in hand and turned a bad day into a good one. We brushed our teeth and SkyWalker yelled out the window "Where are you boy?" looking for his library friend. We read books and cuddled/wrestled a little. 

And then it all went to shit. 

The Princess pointed downstairs and SCREAMED when I put her in the crib and walked away. She screamed and screamed despite having her pacifier. Her brother claimed he wanted a bath--after refusing 40 minutes earlier--and SCREAMED when I said no, it was too late. He screamed when I had to sit on his head to get his underwear on. I gave up and didn't even attempt the pajamas, just walking out of the room and telling him not to pee his bed. He screamed that he wanted me to put his pajamas on, as his sister was screaming in her crib. He screamed when I put his pajamas on and told him enough was enough. I walked down the stairs and got the laptop and less than 5 minutes later there is no screaming. 

Oh yes. And my iPod died.

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Shinesalot said...

Man, that is so super sucky. Sucky bedtime and sucky about the surgery being postponed. Scream, sister!

The Nice Librarian said...

Hey, so they screamed. They were sleeping by 8 pm! Congratulations! That is fine parenting. I thought mine were asleep by 8:45 but then Jack came out at 9:30 still awake, upset at having spilled water on his bed. He hadn't fallen asleep yet, was just quiet so I didn't know. Ugh.
Oh, and I must ask: remember how you and bossman thought I was a crazed maniac for wanting that train table at the library? Hmmm? It is a wondrous thing, admit it. I can't wait to get grant funds for year 2 so I can buy new and better train stuff for it.
Don't worry, tomorrow will probably be better, right?

ayanna said...

Aw man, suckage. I am still recovering from the baby staying up till 10pm (when I have to get him out of the house at 7:05am). My only reprieve is that the elder boy wasn't coming up with horror images in his head, keeping him up at night. Poor sweetie. Too bad they're not old enough for brandy alexanders... <wink>

Jedi Mama said...

It was a rare night... usually they are both really good sleepers. We'll see if I can still say that in a couple of weeks when I finally take the Princess's pacifiers away. (Yes, pacifiers. She sleeps with more than one now. She has one in her mouth and then she'll grab one from her dresser and hold it in her hand.)

Jedi Mama said...

yeah yeah. you were right about the train table. But I still hate the allergen infested tripping hazards you call stuffed animals that are all over the floor so kids can pick them, drool on them, and then cry like babies when they can't take them home.