Monday, September 15, 2008

Two steps forward, one step back

Since his sister's surgery SkyWalker has pooped in his underwear 4-5 times. Today, however, he outdid himself. He pooped outside. In front of the swing. I was inside and he was entertaining himself and when I got out there he said "Don't step in any [SkyWalker] poopie!" and I said "Huh?" And then I saw. I asked if it came from his underwear and he said no, he peed and then decided to poop there too. 

What the dilly-o people?

On the one hand I'm glad that he's pooping again and not holding it in anymore, but what the hell?? 

Of course his sister's surgery coincided with the start of preschool. I don't think that it is preschool... 

His sister has officially become a big girl. It's not the walking, or drinking out of a big girl cup and sitting at the table with us, it's not the way she laughs when she does something naughty, it's not that she's not sleeping with the pacifier anymore*, it's not that she likes to bring me her shoes, it's going up the ladder on our playset and then down the slide. By herself. While poor Mama tries to quiet the voices in her head and not have a panic attack. How do I know this makes her a big girl? SkyWalker. He's been asking for a few weeks now why the little jobber is a big boy but the princess is still a baby. Apparently going down the slide without Mommy is the only criteria needed. 

Last week, the day after the Princess's surgery I took the pacifiers away. I put her down for a nap and told her no more pacifiers. She pointed to the top of her dresser. They were not there. She pointed to the floor but none had fallen under the crib. She pointed to the dresser drawer. They were in there, but I wasn't getting them. She cried and cried and I left. Less than 10 minutes later she was asleep. She has not had one since and has slept just fine. What was I waiting for??

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Bee said...

You were waiting until your mommy intuition told you she was ready... And it paid off!

Felice said...

HA HA HA! I love that he thinks going up and down the slide alone is what turns a baby into a big kid! Too funny.Um, the bathroom stuff . . . sorry about that. He's definitely going through a tough time and that is probably what it is. But, I have no idea, since my guy is still with the diapers.

Shinesalot said...

WOW - surgery, weaned off the paci, AND officially a "big girl." MY, my what a week for the princess! And you know the stuff with Skywalker is just a phase, a way to cope. They all have their quirky ways of handling things. I'm glad he's pooping - the pooping on the grass/in the pants can be dealt with. It's so much worse when he's in pain from the backed up poop. I hope he works through it quickly so you don't have to the meantime, cheers on maintaining your title of SUPER MOM!