Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So annoyed

This was supposed to be a nice post about the Princess sitting on the potty and peeing intentionally but instead I'm ready to scream. 

The surgeon just called. Her deflux procedure has been cancelled tomorrow. They need a special scope. Which is broken. I could choose to do it next week or next month. Argh. Of course next Wednesday is the ONLY Wednesday in  September I was scheduled to work, presumedly because the other person couldn't do it. And next Wednesday is SkyWalker's first full day at preschool. We're doing it because I don't want to wait another month but even waiting another week is really pissing me off. I was all ready to do this tomorrow and now we have to wait even longer!

I think I'm going to scream now.

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Felice said...

WHAT!?!?!?! That is crazy. You are so right to be annoyed!

Gina said...

Hey, just checking in and trying to catch up on things. I think you should be going with the procedure today if I am getting things right so I hope everything goes well and I'll be thinking of you guys! We'll be back on Sunday so let me know if you need anything!