Friday, September 26, 2008


This preschool thing is killing me. 

I made lunch last night, we ate as soon as we got home, the Princess pooped, and then she went to nap. There is no reason why she should be screaming her head off just an hour later. This. Sucks. 

In addition to that, Vader thinks that if SkyWalker napped during the day he would sleep less deeply at night and then wake himself up when he needed to pee. I think he is wrong. Not only because I think SkyWalker is peeing when he is awake, but also because it's not like I can just flip a switch and make him nap. He's up in his bed right now crying and saying Mommy over and over again. (I put him up there after the Princess started her crying so he's not the one who woke her up.)

Rather than let me blather on about the screaming and crying in my house right now, please enjoy the following videos. They are too long, but I have adorable kids. 

And finally, for once, SkyWalker enjoys Happy Birthday!

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Felice said...

It would be really, really nice if we could flip switches to make our kids nap. Boy, would the world be a different place! That chair dancing is great.

Jedi Mama said...

It must be the mens who have the switches. Us ladies just can't do it. ;-)

Shinesalot said...

Chair dancing rocks! She's such a star. Littleman particularly liked when Skywalker said he would just "pretend" to eat shoes. :) And finally, referring to the weather post - you'd really love the climate here...probably not much else, but definitely the climate!