Sunday, September 28, 2008

Really? Again?

SkyWalker is holding in his poop again. For the 3rd time in as many weeks. I have spiked his peanut butter and jelly with pureed prunes. I have spiked his grape juice with liquid laxative. I have given him a suppository. He pooped a little bit after that, but not 3 days worth, and he's "leaking" again so it looks like he's right back to where he started. I need to find something that will work immediately, regardless of whether he wants it to or not, so that on that very first day that he doesn't poop I can get it out of him. He needs to go every single day, and all it takes is him holding it in ONCE, to screw everything up and get him caught in a vicious cycle. 

I think I might scream now.

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ambookgeek said...

Oh my gosh! As a non-parent, until this weekend I had never heard of kids "holding out" in this way, but one of my best friends if having the exact same challenge with her three-year-old. E. holds it for two or three days then goes big time (enough to clog Grandpa's commode). She then doesn't want to go again because it hurts. Good luck, I know it probably doesn't help much, but apparently, you're not alone!!!

Jedi Mama said...

yes, that's exactly what's happening. He's afraid it's going to hurt so he holds it in and then when he does go it hurts because he held it in too long! He's so illogical!!!