Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brain cells

I used to be so smart. Really. I did good on my SATs. Went to college in the honors program. Always did well playing Jeopardy.

And then.

Well, and then I had children.

And now I wear slip on shoes because I don't think I could handle shoe laces.

Need more evidence?

On Thursday night, after wrapping up an exciting evening of playing Word Challenge, I closed the web browser at work and saw a pop-up that said this: "Your System Administrator has determined that your current activity is providing a level of enjoyment beyond that which is allowed on company time. Your enjoyment will now be disabled. You may continue with this activity but you may not enjoy it. See your system administrator for more details." And then buttons that said "Ok" "Sorry" "Dock my Pay".

I instantly thought that my system administrator was screwing with me from home, since part of the night I had been chatting with her online. I logged off the computer when I couldn't get it to go away.

When I turned the computer on this morning I was surprised to see it still there. Since I was once again chatting with my system administrator online, I asked her about it. She had me run ad-aware and we looked into it and then I got busy. I decided to just run some spyware stuff because I just couldn't get rid of this pop-up.

And then. I realized.

It wasn't a pop-up.

It was the desktop picture that one of my co-workers had chosen.

This is almost as funny as the time I was hooking up my cable box in the bedroom because the floors in the living room were being done and I couldn't get anything to work and called up and then realized that I had hooked one cable box to the other cable box instead of to the signal from the wall.

I used to be so smart.

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Shinesalot said...

You are hilarious. And no matter now NOT smart you feel, you'll always be smarter then me. :)

Felice said...

I had to stifle my laughter because the boy is sleeping. Yes, at 6:48 in the pm. Life is upside-down.

Jedi Mama said...

Hmmm... that might be true because it's supposed to be "than me". Tee-hee.

Bee said...

Yeah... That evil coworker would be me... Sorry about that! I thought it would be cute/funny... I did not think anyone would actually fall for it... Teeheehee...

Jedi Mama said...

I figured it was you. I think it's hilarious.