Friday, October 24, 2008

The need for clothes

There is a love affair in this house that makes me sick. Sick, I tell you! It's not the way SkyWalker always gets a snack for the Princess when he's illegally getting one for himself. It's not the way he kisses her when he sees her in the morning or when we pick him up from preschool. It's not the way he says "Hi Miss Lady" and hugs her and tickles her. It's not the way he reads to her in the morning when he sneaks into her room/crib and teaches her how to say things. No. It's the way he TAKES HER DIAPER OFF and chases her so he can kiss her HEINEY! 

Tonight was just beyond belief though. Vader had promised dinner so I was in the kitchen straightening up and well, facebooking, and the children were playing. Next thing I hear is a closed door. I open my bedroom door and I think I need to see a shrink now... and there they were, both naked from the waist down, jumping on my bed. Rolling around my bed. Wrestling on my bed. With the lights off. I was told to GET OUT and TURN THE LIGHT OFF! I put a pull-up on the Princess quickly and made SkyWalker out his underwear on and then... I got out. 

Now, I am not a fashion person. I don't like shopping all that much. I tend to wear the same clothes over and over until my mother and/or siblings buy me something new. BUT. I wear clothes! I like clothes. They make me warm. They cover my girlie bits. So, why? Why, do my children not like to wear clothes? What is so appealing about being naked? It's too damn cold. 

I have to wrestle the both of them to get them dressed now. The little one is just as bad as her brother. It's a constant struggle. Every single morning we fight, even when we promise not to. Perhaps I should send SkyWalker to preschool naked. Maybe he'll get dressed then. I almost miss the days he peed the bed and got himself dressed in the morning because of it. Almost. I know what I need to do is get MY ass out of bed earlier so I can get him out of bed earlier and get him dressed when he is too tired to fight and then give him the play time that he's always fighting for. He can get himself dressed but he usually needs pushing to do it. And lately he's been sleeping later and so have I. It would be nice if I could have someone else nagging him in the morning but I just don't know who would be able to do it. *insert eyeroll here*

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The Nice Librarian said...

I used to fight with my boy all the time to get dressed, and a couple of months ago I really needed to get to work and I was pissed off so I threw him over my shoulder wearing his underwear and like one sock. Put him in the car while he was crying hysterically, and then when we got to the babysitters all the kids were outside staring at him. I told him to put his clothes on in the car, or I was going to carry him in his underwear for all his friends to see. He shut up and put on his clothes. Then there was the time I made him walk to the car in his socks through the snow because he refused to put his boots on. By the time we got home he had put his boots on in the car. I think I shocked the little girl scout moms with that one :-) And no, these examples I am telling you about did not stop him from fighting about getting dressed. He is pretty good about it now though, but not because of anything I've done. And let them run around half naked at home, who cares. Not like your neighbors are gonna see :-)

wickedlibrarian said...

Everyone I know who has kids (whether they're still young or are grown-up now) say they went through a "no clothes" phase. It makes no sense to me either - I LOVE clothes, and I hate getting naked. And as far as I can remember (and my parents remember too) I was never one of those kids who ran around without clothes on.
These youngsters and their new-fangled no-pants issues!