Sunday, October 19, 2008

Drama, part deux

Just to follow up... 

I got e-mail today from the mom who quit my group. She apologized for her harsh message and said that about an hour before she got my e-mail she got devastating news about her youngest daughter and that her whole world had collapsed so she responded inappropriately. Her daughter has hydrocephalus and chiari and has had multiple brain surgeries. There's only one thing that I would label devastating and I really hope it's not that. I e-mailed her back right away and said I was so sorry that things weren't going well and that I hoped she got a miracle and it wasn't as devastating as it could be. 

It kind of makes sense now. I really wasn't expecting that response from her and now I know what's going on, kinda. Part of the reason I e-mailed her in the first place is because I knew her daughter took up a lot of their time--constant traveling to specialists--and I didn't want her to be stressed out worrying about the group. I still think that she overreacted but it's so miniscule compared to the important things in life. She apologized and recognized it and I feel better that there isn't any weird unsettled business. 

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Felice said...

Oh, crap. She didn't get into any of the details, did she? I feel so bad for her.

Jedi Mama said...

Nope, none. And she hasn't responded to my e-mail. I don't think I can e-mail her back and say "So is your kid dying?" but that's the only thing I would label "devastating". Needing another surgery sucks donkey balls, but is doable, you know? I really REALLY hope that she's just using dramatic words, but I don't know how I can ask for clarification.