Friday, February 13, 2009


The Princess is doing better than I could ever have hoped for in her toddler bed. She gets in it herself and even if she follows me to the gate she will go back to her bed and lay down and go to sleep. I probably already posted that. I can't think straight anymore. Here are pictures for those of you interested:

Remember the animals on the wall?:

She climbed on the twin bed and took some off. So I just took them all down when I moved the toddler bed. But it looked so bare and plain and sad. So:

We did that. They helped which is why it's bunched up in some places, but I don't care. She had a blast putting them on the wall. They're just wall decals from Target. Now SkyWalker wants some in his room. He was going to steal some flowers but I convinced him to wait for something better. Like monkeys. 

There's his new twin bed. Which was always in his room, but is now where his toddler bed was and where the crib was before that. Sigh.

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Shinesalot said...

I just bought rocket ship/outer space decals for Littleman's new room. Ordered them from Amazon...hope they're as cool as they looked online! Her room looks great, btw!