Monday, February 2, 2009


I am 19 weeks pregnant now. That means I am halfway there. Those of you wondering if I failed math in school, rest assured, I am right. See, 19 times 2 is 38. And that's as far as this baby is going to go. I don't want another preemie, I don't want another induction, but I think 38 weeks is a nice respectable amount of time. I don't consider it early. So 38, here we go. 

That plague that descended on us last week is lifting. The Princess's fever has broken. They both just have coughs and snotty noses. My sinus infection is getting a little better now that I have antibiotics. 

The Princess has been doing okay in her toddler bed. Nap time is the hardest and sometimes she winds up sleeping on the floor. But she's doing good at night and she always goes into her bed herself and falls asleep there first. The first night I put her in her bed and stayed with her a little but then I started making her get up in it herself and that works out better. It always works out better when she thinks something is her idea. It's amazing how different the toddler bed looks in her room. Instead of Thomas sheets there are flower sheets. It looks so girlie. 

SkyWalker has been sleeping in the monkey bed--the twin-sized bed in his room. He's been doing well, as I expected he would. There's not much transition from a toddler bed to a twin bed. The newfound freedom of the toddler bed from the crib is the hardest to handle. Anyway, he's doing well and and has started getting up on his own to pee at night. Unfortunately his pull up is still soaked each morning. Vader has stopped going up there and helping him pee. I don't know why. And I'm too tired to do it myself consistently. I think I'll wait until the summer to really start pushing it. Our pediatric urologist surgeon said he wouldn't look at him before the age of 5, which kind of makes me think that he should be dry all night by the time he's 5. At least most nights of the week anyway. 

I spent the whole day yesterday sleeping on the couch. Sounds lovely... but it wasn't. I was all foggy and confused at dinner time and I got nothing done. I hate starting the week and feeling behind. I still have two loads of laundry to fold but they are upstairs and the Princess is napping. I managed to get some things done today. 

While it's been so cold and snowy my mom's group has been meeting at Panera in the morning. SkyWalker is at preschool so it's just me and the Princess. It's been working out really well . Nobody kicks us out after we finish our coffee/tea/hot chocolate. Nobody stares at the kids (well, not this time. The last time there was a freaky woman who was staring and touching and about 3 seconds from me putting the smack-down on her). It's nice and roomy. I would still prefer to be chatting at the beach, but it's nice to have somewhere to go right now. What would really be nice is someplace with a big playroom for kids to run around. Someplace on this side of the river that is...

Random updates: Vader's job is as safe and secure as it's ever going to be. Whew. One less thing to worry about. Isaac's leg is still limping but is getting slightly better. I think we're going to wait and see a little longer and keep him on the leash. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. He doesn't like the cold so there are some days that I don't even have to wake him out. He just waits until Vader gets home at dinner time. The Princess's surgery is scheduled for March 2. Our level 2 ultrasound to see if #3 has any plumbing issues is Feb. 12. 

I leave you with this little gem:

SkyWalker: staring into space at dinner.
Mommy: C'mon buddy, get eating.
SkyWalker: I'm thinking.
Mommy: Well, think about eating.
SkyWalker: I can't think and eat at the same time! I'll choke!

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