Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

I think there's a blizzard outside right now. I feel bad for my friends working, but it looks so pretty. 

It's the middle of the week and I am tired. I know I'm always tired, but I'm even more tired than usual! SkyWalker's preschool closes when the schools do so they are on winter break as well. Monday we had a playdate at our house--the first one since October!--and he had SUCH a good time with his buddy who is sadly in daycare now. They were the only two boys and Vader had them downstairs playing golf and trains and who knows what else. Tuesday we went to the local science museum and it was the first time the Princess was free and not confined to her stroller. 

I have to publicly apologize to my good friend Jen F. right now. One of the last times we were at the museum her daughter, 4 months older than the Princess, was running around in circles and she did nothing but chase her and I laughed. I didn't point and laugh and mock or anything bad. But I thought it was so cute. Because the Princess was in a stroller. And not walking/running. 

Guess what the Princess did yesterday? Yeah, she ran around in circles. Luckily the museum is small and contained and I had enough friends there that I could chase after her and know that SkyWalker would not get lost. Although he did try to steal some big toy from the gift shop. They both had a great time though and touched a lizard and didn't want to leave. 

Today we went to the Mad about Mo program at the library. The Princess was a wiggly worm the entire time, but was cute and cuddly so it was okay. SkyWalker sang along during the songs! It was a great program. They really did a great job.

Tomorrow we are going to the State museum. The Princess will be in a stroller. 

Friday we have another playdate (elsewhere) and Saturday we are going to see Elmo! in some kind of musical thing that the children better enjoy because we had to buy tickets for both of them. My MIL is also going. 

I think SkyWalker is tired too. He is whining about wanting to watch more TV after he's just watched 2 shows. I think he needs some cuddle time. 

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Bee said...

Thanks for the pity... I am not looking forward to driving home in this crap! (But I guess that is all part and parcel of the whole living in the North East, huh?) Flower was really happy to see that you liked the library program enough to post about it... She even made sure Nice knew you liked it! Teeheehee... Boogie, too, will be going to the Elmo show -- but he is going with his class... Hope it's not too mind-numbing when you're there!!!

Shinesalot said...

I'm jealous of your blizzard...Littleman and I wore boots yesterday and stomped through a creek - it was 75 and sunny...I can't complain, but I sure do miss the snow. Sorry you had to pay for the Princess to see Elmo - it will be fun, though. I'm pretty confident they'll love it. Have fun!