Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dear PBS Kids

I'm one of those parents who actually watches TV with her child. Even if I'm on the laptop... I'm sitting right next to him on the couch answering his questions and interacting with him. When I had to watch the same Caillou episodes a million times I thought hmm, that's funny, there must not be very many episodes. Then I started noticing that out of the 3 vignettes in an episode only 1 would be new and the other 2 would be from other episodes. When you watch every day you notice these things. Imagine my surprise when we started DVR'ing Curious George and the same exact episodes are repeated week by week. If you're going to play a TV show EVERY SINGLE DAY, have more than 30 episodes to choose from. And if you have to repeat, maybe you can wait more than a week? Or here's a cooky thought, just don't show them every day. Twice a day. I know you get away with it because kids don't really give a crap about watching the same thing over and over again and again. And most parents use the TV as a babysitter so they wouldn't care. But I'm not a kid and I'm not most parents and I need a little variety. Thanks so much.

The Princess had her first taste of peaches this morning. I couldn't get the spoon to her mouth fast enough. She has had a couple of successful poops so hopefully it is doing it's job. I've done things so much quicker with her than with SkyWalker but it's not like I'm shoving it done her throat. I didn't even want to give her cereal. But she's hard to refuse. And I really didn't want to be feeding her every 2 hours like a newborn!

The FIL is still in the hospital since last Friday. The earliest he'll be discharged is this Friday. His kidneys are still swollen, don't look normal. They had to catheterize him again. They want a kidney specialist to take a look at him now since they still don't look normal after being there with a catheter for days. What will probably happen is that he'll have to catheterize himself (i.e. MIL will have to do it) on a regular basis. It's not related to the cancer at all--it's just a problem with the new bladder. But he only has a new bladder because of cancer in the old one so I guess it really *is* related.

SkyWalker was wearing his snowsuit around the house yesterday. Refused to take it off. And then decided he needed to "shave" so he took everything off and walked around with no shirt on. Today he is sitting on the couch wearing nothing but underwear and socks. I guess I should be grateful he is wearing underwear.

If Isaac is not allowed outside by himself soon I might lose my mind.

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Bee said...

I don't get the TV thing either... It's annoying as hell that I only let Boogie watch TV on "special" occasions -- i.e. Mommy needs to do laundry and he insists on coming to the basement too! -- and the same episode of Curious George or Sesame Street is always on... Researchers say that kids like to see the same thing over and over again because the familiarity and such is comforting, but it's damn annoying to me...