Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It is 8:14 and I am in pajamas. The same pajamas I wore to bed last night and have yet to take off. To be fair to myself I decided that today would be Pajama Day as the letter of the week is Letter P. We had pancakes for lunch. We did P-crafts (princesses and pigs and painting) and it was a fun day despite the fact that I got no cleaning done again and SkyWalker did not nap again and by bedtime he was a Pain in my ass. He YELLED at me that he needed more toast, more applesauce, more whatever. He did not get it so he YELLED about that. He yelled at bedtime so I threw him in his room at 6:45 without a bath or books and he cried and cried and finally he calmed down and asked to take a bath with the Princess and since he was filthy I decided to relent and let him. I got them both in bed before 8, took Isaac out, fed both the dogs and am now blogging instead of doing the dishes. Vader is food shopping and the dogs are intermittently barking and I would like some peace. Hey, Peace, that's a P-word.

We went to the Planetarium on Monday and it was great fun. We went to storytime yesterday and he actually danced and enjoyed himself. Tomorrow is soccer and then another week is over. It feels like it was just the summer... I have over 200 pictures on my camera and they are just from September. Or mostly from September. It's just amazing how much time has flown by.

I've been thinking a lot about housekeeping, homemaking, whatever you want to call it. I printed out a list from real simple of what should be cleaned and how often. And I started to feel even worse about my homemaking--I don't wash my curtains once a year let alone every 3 months--and then I remembered why I'm really home. It's not so I can have the cleanest bathrooms in town. It's not so I can learn how to cook. I'm home so I can be with my kids. In the long run it's more important for me to sit down and read Gossie over and over than it is for me to have a clean house. As long as I don't have ants and little critters eating off the floor I think I'm doing a good job.

The dogs are quiet. The children are sleeping. Even the donkeys are silent now. I'm sure it will be broken when Vader comes home and the dogs go nuts. But for now I'm enjoying listening to the sound of ... nothing.

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Bee said...

Please put away the picture of perfection people persist in promoting
as prevalent... Persue, perhaps, progress in promoting personal
pleasure and peace for your pack... Perfectly purified palaces
aren't as pressing as playing and psychological prosperity...
Produce a passable place for preparing provisions, and then prohibit
personal-punishment for not performing practices people purportedly presume as proper... Press on... Prevail... Prosper!

Jedi Mama said...

PERFECT! Dude, you should be doing this letter of the week thing, you're phenomenal. Except you spelled pursue wrong, but that's okay.

Bee said...

Damn this computer! I am used to working on one that has Mozilla set up to "spell check" as I type... Bah!