Thursday, October 25, 2007

Memory, or lack thereof

I know I had a whole funny bit about how SkyWalker will one day get kicked out of school and how it's all my fault, but now I can only remember one example. Which does not constitute a whole bit. Damn this sieve-like brain.

When he burps or farts instead of saying "excuse me" like all of the other robots in this country, he says "My farted!" and I say "Good one!" and give him a thumbs up. If it happens unexpectedly we also giggle as a family.

There was so much more to it than that. Oh well. Someday I'll remember.

After soccer today (in which Coach Ian informed us that he sprained his ankle and cannot play so there's a new coach and SkyWalker said he wanted to wait for "Coach Ian's boo-boo to go away" but then decided to play anyway), we all went to Target to get Vader a birthday card and a present (from SkyWalker). SkyWalker insisted that Vader should have a Stepney train. SkyWalker already has a Stepney train so he said "two Stepneys". I was not going to buy another one knowing that Vader will just say "Here ya go" and give it right back to him. But we went to the train section anyway and damnit they had Toby so Mommy had to buy Toby instead of waiting for Christmas. Then I thought SkyWalker could give Vader a matchbox car since all of his cars were originally his Daddy's and wouldn't it be cute for him to give his Daddy a new one. He picked out a fire helicopter (hmmm... two things that SkyWalker loves...) and when we got home he had to try it out. It is now his. He suckered me into buying two new toys today! And a new set of beads because he is a freak who loves cheap beads and there are only so many times I'm going to glue a set of beads that cost less than 50 cents.

Does knowing your blog audience change what you write? Or how you write it? I've always tried to forget that I have an audience at all... although if I didn't want it to be read it would be locked or completely private so some part of me must have realized that someone out there would read it.  Obviously when people comment on posts I know there's an audience, but when you know that audience in real life does it change things? Do you censor yourself? Or do you just pretend to not know and write what you would have written anyway? I think I do the latter.

And with that thought, here's what my son said to me as I was getting him dressed this morning: "Mommy has big nipples [I often pump at breakfast now and he's fond of saying "What's Mommy's nipple doing??" before I can get my shirt down. I do not know why he thinks I have big nipples. His father's are MUCH bigger.] My kiss Mommy's big nipples??" Obviously I said NO but he thought it was hilarious and tried to tackle me.

And that is probably another reason why he'd get kicked out of school.

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hamikka said...

i'm an audience through thick and thin, and this post? is freakin' hysterical.

Jedi Mama said...

it's the nipples isn't it? ;-)