Friday, October 5, 2007


The letter of the week is letter S. SkyWalker has done S-crafts and sung S-songs. I did my share by getting an undeserved Speeding ticket and a Splitting headache. I would not wish a migraine on my worst enemy. It was so bad when I called in sick to work last night that I cried on the phone. And that was not even the worst of it. I went to bed at 6 and it hurt so bad that I didn't fall asleep until after 8. I couldn't take anything strong because of the breastfeeding. I wound up with a fever. I seriously thought about going to the damn hospital. I thought my head was going to split right open. Vader stayed home this morning so I went back to bed after breakfast. The migraine is gone but I still have the lingering after-headache. I need to call the doc and get something I can take that's safe for breastfeeding.

We have a date for the Princess's surgery. They're doing it on Monday October 15. I'm glad it will be done soon. Speaking of the Princess she is now Screaming--that's her participation in "S" week.

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Bee said...

So, it seems your sweeties are still supreme... I salute your stupendous servitude... Still... Scientists have surely sanctioned some safe serums to sustain suckling... See a specialist soon if the splitting stays the same...

Jedi Mama said...

hilarious. i got some imitrex.