Monday, April 14, 2008

Chucking a big birkett

The Princess woke up Sunday morning with a 104.3 fever. Called the doc's answering service and was told to just keep watching her, make sure she doesn't have difficulty breathing or get dehydrated. The fever went up and down all day. By dinner time it was 103.7. One of my friends gave me the secret formula for determining the correct dosage of tylenol/motrin (Tylenol should be 15mg per kilogram of weight, Advil/Motrin should be 10mg per kilogram of weight.) and I discovered I could give her a little more. I took her to the doc today. Her urine is not looking so well... looks like a UTI. She's on some fancy antibiotic since she took Amox for so long before. If there is no improvement in 2 days I need to call/bring her in again. They'll be sending the culture out to confirm whether it is indeed a UTI. Because of her history with her kidney surgery it was safer to treat it and find out later. It if is then we'll have to talk to the surgeon and see if he wants to do another ultrasound to make sure that everything is okay. 

Have I mentioned that Vader is in Buffalo for his trial?

Her fever is 103.2 now and she has done nothing but sleep and nurse all day. My little fettucini alfredo eater doesn't even want to eat cheerios. She whimpers and softly cries and my heart shatters in a million pieces. I have never seen her like this. 

Vader called from Buffalo. He'll be home on Wednesday (so I took the days off for nothing, but now with the Princess sick I'm glad I'm not working this week). He has to go back next week. Wed & Thursday. So I'll have to take NEXT week off now too. And the following week we'll be in North Carolina. AND on top of that, the trial won't be done next week and who the hell knows when it will be scheduled again. I'm sure it will be on a day that I work. 

I am about to give my kid Ellios pizza for dinner because I don't have the energy for anything else. He had Burger King for lunch. Again. 

I must have done a lot of bad shit in my former life to have karma like this.

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