Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Before I forget them:

SkyWalker: I'm eating too much because I'm still hungry.
Mommy: You're growing. 
SkyWalker: I not growling like I-ac!
Mommy: No, GROWING. You're getting bigger. Someday you'll be bigger than me.
SkyWalker: You'll get bigger too.
Mommy: Nope. Unless I get fat. Do you think I'll get fat?
SkyWalker: No! Only Daddy get fat.


SkyWalker: Her teeth are coming through! I'm so pressed!
Mommy: What?
SkyWalker: I'm so pressed her teeth are coming through. 
Mommy: oh, IMpressed?
SkyWalker: Yeah, pressed. 

Mommy: groan (for menstrual reasons) while standing awkwardly.
SkyWalker: Just hold it in Mommy!
Mommy: No, it's not pee honey, I don't feel well.
SkyWalker: Awww. Maybe you need some prunes.

We went to the local town park yesterday. They added a huge play area with slides and climbing things and fun stuff for little boys. One of the little boys we met there said "Hi SkyWalker!" and SkyWalker looked at him, turned around and ran away. But I did catch him making smiley faces at a girl. He claims he talked to her. Unfortunately she and her family were not part of our meet-up so I don't know who they were. The Princess did okay but it's clear she's still not at her best. She smiled a little at her friend, but she was really tired and not happy that I woke her up to go in the first place. She didn't cry at all and she did take her medicine and eat her lunch well while we were there but she wasn't her smiley self. We went back today for a picnic lunch after storytime but there was no one else there. I think I'll do that now--instead of being forced into Burger King when we're out I'm going to pack our lunches and we'll find a place to eat. Or just go home and it will be all made already. 

SkyWalker and I played outside at home a bit but I'm having trouble standing right now so I'm letting him watch Curious George and he's letting me sit on the couch. The Princess slept nearly 2 hours, woke up with diarrhea, ate some ritz crackers, and went back to sleep. She's been napping for the last 25 minutes. She barely napped this morning because of storytime and the park though. I got her a sippy cup with a straw and she's doing much better with that than the classic sippy cups. She's doing so much better than last week. But the diarrhea is still horrible. She didn't have this with the daily amoxicillin so I think it's just the augmentin. And probably the mix of all of them in her system last week! She's eating her yogurt (with live cultures) but refuses applesauce. She's never liked bananas either. I'm going to try to give her some rice tonight at dinner. Other than that I might have to start sprinkling acidophilus on her food. I hope she's not still having diarrhea when we're driving to North Carolina at the end of the week. 

I really wanted to be cleaning my house today. I cleaned the kitchen floor yesterday so I didn't have time to do any of the regular stuff. The bathrooms are gross. No matter what I do the guest bathroom (now SkyWalker's) smells like pee. I can't wait until he gets rid of the potty seat insert since he tends to pee all over it when he poops. 

I have no idea if my husband is having dinner with us or not.

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Shinesalot said...

Those conversations are awesome. Papabear and I laughed. Then, as I read on, I thought, "How bizarre that there are kids at the park calling Skywalker by his vox name." Ahhh, don't you miss me and my slow brain???

Bee said...

You know, I had the same initial thought... I guess mommy-burn-out is still a good enough excuse, right?!? Teeheehee... Glad to know that SkyWalker and Princess are still such great sources of love, happiness, AND entertainment!