Saturday, April 12, 2008

I just love you all day

SkyWalker has been very lovey lately. He's constantly telling me that he loves me (and the Princess and Daddy and the dogs). He'll say "I just love you" and I'll say "I love you too." and then he says "I love you too!" It's very sweet. Yesterday he looked at me and said "I just love you all day!" It was the funniest thing ever.

I dropped my car off this morning to get it inspected and an oil change and I got a ride to the library from one of the guys. I thought I was going to have to walk and run in at the last minute. Instead I got here 30 minutes early.

The meetup playdate went well yesterday. SkyWalker hid in the bathroom at first. I had 5 moms each with one kid. The oldest was a 2 year old boy who loved trains. SkyWalker did not play with him. But he did sit next to him at lunch time. There was a 17 month old girl who liked looking at all of our toys and playing SkyWalker's guitar. A 12 month old boy who had a bit of a mad scientist look with crazy hair and wild eyes who SHRIEKED at me (in a funny way, not a whiny way) the entire time. It was hilarious. Then the 10 month old the Princess played with at the library and the museum. And then a 2 month old. Who weighed 8 pounds. He was 4 lbs 11 ounces at birth, only one week early. I thought SkyWalker was small! I was a little stressed because SkyWalker was so antisocial and because the Princess cried every single time I put her down. She just wanted me to hold her. It was so odd. She's a mama's girl, but it was different. She was off the entire day so I think it had more to do with her top teeth coming in. We wound up having lunch, or at least the kids had lunch. I had a turkey sandwich but none of the moms actually ate anything. They must have some eating secret... if I don't eat when my kids do I don't get a chance to eat. I'm looking forward to the time the Princess drops her morning nap and we can do things earlier without needing to worry about lunch. The dogs were in the bedroom since it was wet and rainy outside. They only barked when people came and left. Otherwise they were pretty good. I was hoping we could play outside but it was too wet. Although there were mostly little ones and we only have 2 infant/toddler swings... I hope we get some older kids for SkyWalker to play with. Had he not been a nut he probably would have enjoyed playing with the 2 year old. After he hid in the bathroom he decided to play downstairs by himself. We all went downstairs, he came upstairs by himself. Then he ran around the house with his trucks. Part of the reason I decided on having lunch, besides trying to quiet the Princess down, was to get him to sit down and maybe socialize.

I've been thinking that once Vader is through this week (he leaves tomorrow for the trial) that I can breathe again and things will change. He says he knows he needs more than 2 days for the trial, so he had me take this week (my two nights) off from work just in case. He just told me that the other attorney told him she's booked for the rest of the week so there's a good chance that the trial won't even be done. There's a chance that she's bluffing to try to get it postponed because of the MOUNTAIN of documents that he sent her that she has to go through. Anyway, once the trial is actually done he has to write the brief. He has THREE huge boxes of paperwork. He has a month to do the brief and knowing him it will take that long. I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't even tell it's a tunnel right now. It just looks like a big dark hole. I might have to chuck a birkett.

The library is now open so it's off to work I go.

( chuck a birkett )  

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