Friday, April 18, 2008

The week that's lasted a year

Took the Princess back to the doctor on Wednesday. Full-blown UTI. Got a different antibiotic (ironically enough just amoxicillin). With instructions that she should be fever-free by today. This morning she was 103.2. 100 or 101 would have been okay. 103.2 was not. We took her back to the doc today. She got a shot of ceftriaxone in her legs. We'll go to the ER tomorrow for her to get a second shot. We also got augmentin, an antibiotic stronger than amoxicillin to give her in the meantime. If she's any sicker she will be admitted tomorrow. If she seems to be doing better we'll get the shot and go home. 

The one amusing part of my day was when her pediatrician asked me what unit I work in. I said "Unit? Work?" she said "Aren't you a nurse?" I laughed and laughed. Apparently I am just so knowledgeable and smart that she assumed I was a nurse from the way I talked. Ha.

The Princess is sleeping. SkyWalker is watching Spongebob Squarepants. And I am about to go poop. And that has been our week.

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