Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good times

We did not go to soccer today. I asked him this morning and he said he did not want to go anymore, he keeps getting sad, doesn't like it. Maybe he just likes running around kicking the soccer ball and there's just not enough of that. Maybe he's just 3 1/2 and that's what they do. So I called up and we quit. I'm out $110 but whatever. I figure I'll take that and get a membership to Cartwheels which will be good for the whole year. I've scheduled a bunch of meetups at some local playgrounds and parks so I may hold off on it until the fall. I don't know.

We went to the mall and returned the shoes I bought for my sister's wedding. I found a pair with heels that should satisfy my pesky mother and sister-in-law (Note--sister claimed to not have a problem with flats). THEY can chase after my children when I fall down and break my leg. Particularly the youngest one who will probably be running at that point.

Anyway, we went to the mall. Went to the apple store and decided on the new iMac I'm buying myself. Then we went to a little bookstore near there and ran into an old librarian friend who works there now. Her daughter also works there and has a little girl the Princess's age. So funny. Then we went to the store and got the vitamins the Princess has needed for the last week or so. Then we went to the Burger King drive through because it was so late and I got my bad mom award for the day. Twice in one week. We'll have to not go there for a month to make up. Ugh.

The Princess bit me this afternoon while I was feeding her and when I firmly said "No!" she GIGGLED and did it again! I am big on discipline and I don't believe in that whole you can't say no to babies so don't even try nonsense. 9 times out of 10 when I tell the Princess to stop doing something she does it. Except for the biting! It's so infuriating (and painful) and what's even worse is that she looks so damn cute and funny. I'm going to have to reign her in good.

SkyWalker has started lying. It was only a matter of time. But he's so BAD at it. He'll tell me he just peed (in the potty) when he's been sitting next to me the whole time. Or he'll tell me "I just cleaned up" when we're both looking at the mess in the living room. Good times.

And with that, I leave you with some good times:

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medlibrarygirl said...

I'm sorry you had to take back the cute shoes.The Princess has grown since I met her last month. So cute!

fauxmiddlechild said...

poor little shoes :(

lozzykiwi said...

Those videos are too cute - your daughter is adorable! :)