Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Last week we had a meetup at the state museum. The Princess went on her very first carousel ride. She seemed to enjoy it, as did SkyWalker (also 10 months old when he went on HIS first carousel ride). The meetup was fun and it's nice to do these things with other people.

Later that day the Princess had another first.... she crawled all the way up the stairs! She got to the top, turned around to look at me like "That's right yo!" and then realized "Crap, where the hell do I go from here?". I brought her back downstairs. She crawled right back to the top. SkyWalker was over a year when he did that.

She is also decided to stop being a baby and get her hands on some real grub. I haven't given her a baby food jar at all this week. She's eaten fettucini alfredo, grilled chicken, oven baked chicken, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, as well as her vegetables because she is a good child. I wonder how she's done tonight with Vader. She's still nursing 3-4 times a day. She's a bit behind with the sippy cup. I give her water but she doesn't really know what to do with it. I don't know how breastfeeding moms are supposed to do sippy cup training. I don't give my kid a bottle, I give her a boob. And I'm not replacing my boob until I have to. I split her bottle tonight so Vader can give her the sippy and then her bottle later. I'm sure she'll get the hang of it once we switch to whole milk and I stop boob-feeding during the day.

Last week I was sure I was going to get a cleaning lady because I just couldn't keep up with the bare minimum of cleaning. This week I have washed all the windows, including the outside ones I could reach, washed the living room floor (!) with the floormate thingy (!) and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. We're having our first playdate at our house on Friday and it looks like rain so I'll have babies crawling around the living room. Unless I can keep everyone downstairs in the office/playroom. I hope there's someone for SkyWalker to play with since he is why I am doing these meetup things.

I'm not sure if I actually came out and said this or not, but I started my own meetup. The one I joined before is great, but there are 90 moms in it and a lot of the events are kinda far from us. So I decided to go completely against my nature and started one for over here. I have 21 moms now. We've had a few meetups and it seems to be going well.

SkyWalker was very funny today. He told me "Don't you dare run out of napkins!" at lunch time. I should really jot things down when he's saying them because it's hilarious and then by the time I post I have forgotten most of what he said.

Part of the wallpaper in the kitchen is peeling off. I have this really strong urge to just start ripping and see how far I get. What's the worst that can happen? I'm either paying someone to take it all down or I'm paying someone to fix what I mess up right? I just want to see how much I can get off. It almost seemed like it would just pull off.

Yesterday I had to drag my kid out of the library screaming. He didn't want to leave but the Princess was cranky. GAH--interrupted by North Greenbush Granny knocking on the door! GAH! Anyway, we left the library and we didn't even get out of the parking lot before he was completely fine. He's the bipolar one. He begged me to go to Denny's but we couldn't. I did get Burger King for him and the Princess though. Which means driving past Littleman's former home. I try to avoid that as much as possible. He once again said "That Littleman's home?" I said "It used to be. He doesn't live there anymore remember?" which is what we said last week. He said "Who lives there now?" I said "people. Do you remember where Littleman lives now?" He didn't answer. I repeated. He said "Don't tell. I don't want to talk about it." It was funny in how mature he sounded, but really really sad.

Gah. I didn't even get to my yogurt. The ONE time I forget to put the sign on the desk.

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fauxmiddlechild said...

they are growing up so fast :) I love all your stories ♥