Monday, January 5, 2009

Dinner time conversation with the Jedi

SkyWalker: How come I don't have a womb?

Mommy: Because you're not a woman.
SkyWalker: Does [the princess] have a womb?
Mommy: Yup.
SkyWalker: What do girls have on their penises?
Mommy: Giggle. Giggle. Girls don't giggle have giggle penises. Girls have giggle giggle....
SkyWalker: Vaginas. 

The Princess produces a "rippler" of a fart and announces: far
Mommy: Yes, I know. I heard it. Are you sure you didn't poop?
The Princess: No, no poop
The Princess: grunting
Mommy: Are you trying to poop now?
The Princess: no, far
Mommy: You're trying to fart?
The Princess: far

Good times my friends. Good times. 

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Shinesalot said...

That is AWESOME!!!!

Jedi Mama said...

You know how I hate that "baby in the belly" thing so I taught him to say womb instead. I had to look online today for a diagram to show him where the stomach is in relation to the uterus because he needed proof (should call him Junior shouldn't I...)

medlibrarygirl said...

Your kids crack me up! :)