Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I've been doing really well making friends and having a social life--but they all live in neighboring towns. I decided I needed to be more proactive in making friends in the "community" I live in--which is a bit of a joke since we have no community. Anyway. I put a flier for my mom's group at the little local library around the corner as well as the Stewarts and (this is the kicker) my children and I drove around and put fliers in mailboxes of houses that had playsets and toys. So far there's been nothing. 

I also sent my new neighbors a note asking if their kids were of babysitting age. I just got a call. There's a 19 year old but she's away at college in Pennsylvania. Getting her LIBRARY SCIENCE degree. How funny! She would transfer but she's getting her Bachelor's and nobody around here offers that. She *might* be home this summer. I had mentioned in my note that I would like to have a mother's helper this summer when I have the baby. I repeated that and mentioned that we had gone to the "beach" a lot last summer and I would like to do it again this summer but I don't know how I would handle all 3... this girl is also a trained lifeguard. I told her mom that she has to make her come home for the summer! How cool. I also mentioned the possibility that she could volunteer or do something at the library to get some experience for her resume... There were just so many coincidences, it was hilarious. 

And for even more. I mentioned on facebook that there are 3 houses for sale on my road (I was thinking of a different 3 but after checking I think one has been sold, but there's another cheaper one further down now so there's still 3) in addition to the land for sale. And I asked if anyone with kids wanted to buy one and be my friend. It would be nice for SkyWalker to know kids he's going to school with and to have someone to get him off the bus in an emergency. My neighbor-friend is great but she works full time and I think if anything I'd probably get HER kids off the bus. Which is fine, but I'd like someone else home during the day to live near me. One of my old college buddies who is from here originally sent me a message saying that she has a really good friend that lives near me. We were all in the same graduating class... turns out she's talking about the school principal that we met last week (the one that SkyWalker ignored). Talk about small world. 

Out of 3 houses for sale SOMEONE with kids has to buy one right? 

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Gina said...

2 questions:-prices-are the roads around you plowed well in the winterIf those houses meet my above criteria then maybe you'll get us as neighbors.

Jedi Mama said...

I e-mailed you some links. The roads are plowed. Plowed well... it depends. Right in front of my house there always seems to be a drift from the wind, but it's okay further down the street. But even when Muitzeskill is not that great, 9J is fine.