Monday, January 12, 2009


While SkyWalker was attempting to get his pull-up and pajamas on tonight, the Princess was jumping all over him and  wrestling with him and being a royal pain in the ass. Although I have a headache and I really wanted them to get to bed, I have to say I enjoyed every minute of it. I had to pull her off of him. It was hilarious. All of those times he was in her face when she was too little... all of those times he jumped on my back when I was trying to do something... it was so satisfying seeing him squirm and beg her to get off of him. Of course he was giggling and enjoying it, but still. 

I managed to change all the sheets and clean my bathroom sinks before I went to work yesterday. Instead of farting around Target the Princess and I came home with SkyWalker was in preschool and I did the dishes and a load of laundry that normally would have had to wait until we got home and then had lunch and then put the Princess down for a nap. I got most of what I wanted to get done so that we were able to pick him up, have lunch and not have much clean up to do. Usually the breakfast dishes are still in the sink. Because I got so much done earlier when I put the Princess down for her nap I was able to use my brand-new treadmill! I only did 15 minutes (hey, some of it was uphill) but I figured I'd better take it easy and start slow. The last thing I need is to do too much and wind up bleeding. The toys are all picked up, the dishes are done. I have some more towels to fold but they are easy. Bills are paid. I feel a little more in control today. 

I am totally buying myself an iPod Touch. 

We're refinancing our mortgage and "saving" almost $300 a month. Of course we've had to add 5 years because they don't have a 25 year old, but that's okay. We hope to pay more when we stop buying diapers and get it paid off earlier. Anyway, so there's that. I've been paying $500 a month for our oil budget plan because we started in June when oil was a million dollars a barrel. Between the plummeting prices and turning the heat down in the mornings I have racked up a huge credit. I called a couple of weeks ago and got them to cut my budget payment in half. I think I could have gotten away with paying nothing for the next couple of months, but I'll take what I can get. And today I counted up all my change and I have $129. 

So I am totally buying myself an iPod Touch. 

Not just because I want one. Not just because my current iPod won't hold a charge and is just not reliable anymore. Not just because it would be wicked cool to get on the internets when I'm stuck at the hospital for the Princess's surgery (they have free wi-fi. I checked.) But because I deserve one. I have been working really hard at being more than I am. Being a better person. I completely stepped out of my comfort zone and started the meet-up group and made friends. I have a lot I could be bitter about but I try, everyday, to see the bright side. To see the sunshine. To be the complete opposite of who I've always been. So damnitall, I'm totally buying myself an iPod Touch.

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bookishbiker said...

I agree with all of your reasoning! Do it! I would say, however, that you're not necessarily being the opposite of your former self.. you're just expanding the horizons of yourself more than you thought possible. I think it's more positive the latter way - but in either case, you're doing great and an ipod touch is totally in order.

Shinesalot said...

Amen, SISTER! I hope you have bought that iPod Touch and enjoying every free wi-fi second! You TOTALLY, TOTALLY, UNEQUIVICALLY deserve it.

ayanna said...

Go you!