Monday, January 5, 2009


Today was the first day I left the house since a week ago, that's right 7 days, when Vader and I got our flu shots. While in some ways I am perfectly fine with that, I feel very disconnected. We haven't had a playdate or seen our friends in ages. The Princess found a Christmas card with her friend's picture on it and latched on to it, carrying it around and saying something. When I wasn't looking directly at her I SWEAR she said "Conal". It was quite cute. Yesterday while I was laying on the couch after vomiting a second time SkyWalker told me to get up and get dressed because he wanted to go to Tony's house. Sorry kiddo, not today.

Anyway, today was back to our routine. We got up much earlier than we had been and left the house at a time when we were just eating breakfast the day before. Luckily SkyWalker was excited to go back to preschool and had been asking all week when he was going to go. Unluckily it was my turn to "volunteer" so the Princess and I had to stay the whole time and help. The Princess is all ready for preschool. She played with the playdough and the puzzles and sat in a circle on the rug and stood in line and was all in all pretty good. Except when she took her shoe off and had to try to put it back on herself and very vocally said NO! when I tried to help. SkyWalker played with other kids and participated in everything and was really comfortable there and that was good to see. 

Isaac went to the vet on Saturday and she's pretty sure that he did tear his ligament. She thinks that it is not completely torn though and that there is a *chance* it will repair itself. So for the next month we give him painkillers and keep him on the leash. While this sucks mightily, particularly since it is cold and icy and snowy and who's home to take him out on the leash?, it's not as bad as being confined to the crate. He's free in the house, doped up so he's a *little* less barky, and since he's on leash he can't eat his own poop. Maybe he'll start to stink less. There's only one being in this house who hates the cold and snowy and icy as much as I do, and it's Isaac, so he tends to not want to go out anyway. It's not like the summer when he's outside playing. So it's not as bad as it could be. 

Speaking of cold and snowy, I was actually a little sad when the snow melted all away on Christmas morning. I think I finally understand what I want--I would like it to snow once in the beginning of the season, a big 3 foot storm, and then just keep that snow for the rest of the winter. 

The Princess is a little chatterbox lately, pronouncing words that her brother just started saying correctly. They play together really well and love to hide together and search for bears. They've been playing hide and seek with Daddy which is just as cute as it sounds. I took a little video the other night and will get around to posting it sometime. 

When the Princess was born and SkyWalker kissed her little head whenever he saw her I thought I had seen the cutest thing in the world. Then when the Princess started kissing HIM I thought that had to be it. I particularly love bedtime when I tell her to go say goodnight to Daddy and her brother and she toddles to his room and says "Nite" and gives each a little kiss. But I think I have finally seen it--the Princess giving her baby dolls little kisses. It's even cuter listening to it on the monitor when she's in her crib and I can hear her kiss-smacking noises. 

OH and SkyWalker has been trying new foods! On Thursday I made chicken and rice and broccoli in a completely different way and he refused it and begged for pizza, crying and screaming. I had told him that it was something new and then he could try it and if we didn't like it that I might very well be eating pizza with him. His Daddy did not hear that. So he's whining about the pizza and Vader just YELLS about dinner being dinner and blah blah blah. So now's he's screaming and crying about the pizza, but still hasn't tried the dinner. I felt bad for him because I know exactly how he feels. So I started crying, for him and because Vader yelled at me too. SkyWalker said "Don't cry Mommy" and continued asking for the pizza and then boom, he tries the chicken and the broccoli and says he "kind of likes it" and then eats the rice and pretty much eats everything. I gave him the pizza then. He asked for more pizza and then whined when I said he could have more rice and chicken, but still. When he was all done he said "That was a good dinner Mommy." The next night I made swedish turkey balls with noodles. He ate all his noodles and wanted more. I had given him a tiny meatball on a plate. The Princess had shockingly NOT eaten her meatballs at all and also wanted more noodles. So I said "whoever eats a meatball first, gets more noodles." She immediately sticks one in her mouth and eats it. I look at him and he's got one on his fork and eats one! And says "I KIND OF like it." Saturday night we had turkey hot dogs and he actually ate half a hot dog. He told me that he's going to try things now to see if he likes them and if he doesn't then he'll ask for something else. The something else seems to be bread with butter, so I think I might be okay with that. As long as he gives it a real try instead of taking a tiny bite and immediately saying he doesn't like it. Of course he can't admit to it, so he has to say "kind of" but that's fine with me too. I told him I was very proud of him. 

The two of them are giggling like crazy in their tent and I almost don't want to go upstairs to make dinner. But #3 is overruling them right now.

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