Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I did not get up at 6. But I did get up at 6:35 yesterday and was able to pump and have a cup of tea. And today I got up at 6:30 and was able to pump, have tea and cheerios AND brush my teeth and get my contacts in. I did hear SkyWalker up but he didn't bother me.

He has spent the last 2 days sending the poop back. Usually when he doesn't feel like pooping we just get him to pee and then he inevitably poops. This time was different. He was really holding it in. I can only guess that it was his response to all the stress and tension and I did mention on Sunday that FIL was sick and that's why he couldn't go over there. He was in agony until he finally couldn't hold it anymore. I had to physically restrain him on the potty, he screamed and cried and it just came out. And then he pooped again in his underwear but I didn't care about that! He told me he was sending the poop back--he said that around Christmas time but it was relatively easy to get him to just pee and then he pooped. This was HORRIBLE. I hope that it's over now.

We've been having family reading time after nap (I got a nice long nap out of both of them yesterday!). SkyWalker looks at books and sometimes reads to the Princess. The Princess looks at her baby faces books and eats them. I read my own book and then we all read a book together.

During the nice long nap yesterday I did not do dishes. I did do a little laundry--but only moving from the washing machine to the dryer. I made a few CDs I had to make, and read. And it was lovely. Already I just feel a little lighter. Which is good because this has been the week from hell.

We got our estimate back for the pipes--$6k. We had another plumber out today and should hear from him soon. I keep saying that having to fix each leak will run us $500 here and there so we might as well just shell it all out at once, but man that is a lot of money. But not a lot of monkey like I just typed.

I did not eat much of a dinner and now my head is starting to hurt.

SkyWalker was so backed up with his poop that he couldn't even move to be bad in the car today. We went to the post office and Target and a book store and I hoped he would walk around and get the poop out, but he just stayed in the stroller. And this is the worst--he immediately got in his carseat without screwing around. So you know what I did?  Three times, THREE TIMES, I just got in the car and put the key in and he said "Mommy! You need to belt me!". I just didn't think. I'm so used to having to battle to get him in the seat... luckily he is such a good responsible boy that he knew he needed to be belted in and told me so. I don't think I would have really driven away, but man. Eeps.

If anyone has recommendations for dishwashers--let me know. We're going this weekend to look. If we want to use the coupon Sears gave us for not being able to fix it, we need to use it by next week.

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Bee said...

I really have no preference for brands or anything... I look at features and what I can afford... Good luck finding the dishwasher... And, don't feel bad about the car seat thing... The other day, I was busy fighting Boogie to get him into his car seat and I somehow managed to close the top (plastic clip thing) without buckling the actual buckle... We got almost all the way to his school before he said anything to me, and we were in the middle of rush hour traffic on the highway... He actually said, "Stop in the middle of the road and buckle me, Mommy!" I started to freak out, but I managed to keep myself together for the 3 minutes it took to get off the highway -- as he tried to squirm down in what I can only expect to be a completely calculated attempt to make me have a heart attack... Glad to her that some things on your list are working well for you already...