Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I just got back (a little while ago) from my court date for that speeding ticket I got back in October. I walk into the village court and ... it's a hallway. It was so funny. I met with the police officer who asked me if I was hoping for a reduction (um, yeah) and he immediately changed it to a parking ticket. No points on my license. No insurance problems. No surcharge. Just a $75 fine. Oh yeah. I'm glad that's over with! 

I even managed to get home in time for bedtime, albeit too late to feed the Princess. Not that it would matter since she's not eating for more than 3-4 minutes now. As it was she only took 2 1/2 ounces. She is eating a lot of solids, but not more than she was before... I think it's just her teeth that are bothering her. The first popped through a couple of weeks ago and now the second is ready to break. Sigh.

Her new car seat came today. She hasn't outgrown the infant seat yet, but she's pretty damn close. And getting really hard to carry around. It's not like she stays asleep in the carrier, but it'll still be a pain in the neck to not have it. I can leave her in the carrier on the floor and walk away for a minute. Can't really do that without a carrier. 

I should probably head to bed early. I'm pretty sure we will be up again tonight. For the teething baby? No. For the peeing preschooler. We put his singing potty in his room but I doubt he'll use it tonight. We've been going up there right before we go to bed and having him pee, but all that's done is changed his wake up time from 1:30 to 4 am! And that's much worse. And even when he does pee, sometimes more than once, his diaper is always still wet. I can understand having a small bladder but he's not drinking in his room. How much can he really need to pee? Which of course makes me think there's something wrong with him. My brother had to have his pee-pee hole stretched because he could never get it all out at once... but SkyWalker had surgery on his. I would think they would have made the right size hole. Of course then I wonder if something has gone wrong with his surgery... but most likely he just has a small bladder like his father who gets up every single night to pee. 

And with that, I am going to go pee. 

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