Friday, January 11, 2008

Shit on a shingle

I have no idea what that means. It's something Vader used to say all the time so naturally I picked it up and say it more than he does now. I know what it means--something that's particularly sucky--but I don't know where it comes from.

Anyway. Our 4 year old dishwasher has a hole in the tub. Burned right through. Vader asked if it was the chlorine we have to use to  get rid of the sulfur and the service man didn't think so. He thought perhaps that it was from the hot water because it is right where the hot water comes in. But aren't dishwashers supposed to be you know, used with hot water?? We have both spent the day on the phone with various people trying to see if we can get a replacement because that is just ridiculous. Bottom line is that because it's 4 years old and we don't have an extended warranty, they don't give a shit. So we'll be needing to buy a new one soon. REALLY soon. And we'll need to buy a stainless steel tub. Which will increase the price a couple of hundred. Joy. Oh yeah, and the cost for replacing the fill pipe on our oil tank a couple of weeks ago? Over $600. AND we haven't had our plumbing done yet--a bigger company is coming to do an estimate tomorrow at some time. I don't know what time because they never called today. I'm sure it will be in the thousands.

There's so much more going on that goes even beyond the suckalicious but I am too tired and lacking in energy to even begin. 

And now, because he's being a pain in my ass, here is SkyWalker's very first blog:






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fauxmiddlechild said...

I'm pretty sure it comes from chipped beef on toast, a not so appetizing looking meal. Thank you Wiki, yes, it's slang for chipped beef. is adorable. :)

Shinesalot said...

Did SkyWalker really type that????

Jedi Mama said...

Yes he did. he still needs help with the other words (like me saying what letter makes the "tuh" sound.) but he typed it all himself. And he's got dog down pat. yesterday he typed dog over and over in a word file. It's hilarious.

Shinesalot said...

WOW. Too stunning for words! Go *****!!! - I typed his real name there - but I caught it. :)

Bee said...

I must say... Your kid is a freakin' genius!