Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Little celebrations

Sunday night we gave the Princess her last dose of amoxicillin. Or immoxicillan as my dumbass husband spelled it. It was a long 8 1/2 months and I am glad it's over. I'm sure that her next ultrasound will be great and we won't have to put her back on it. And I'll bet anything that if she ever gets an ear infection she won't be given amoxicillin!

Today she pushed herself up into sitting. And she balanced herself on the little ride on car thingy and pushed with her feet and loved every second, especially when big brother started pushing her. She's just growing so quickly. I'm sure having a big brother who is so loving and devoted and hands-on helps. He loves to sit and play with her and will do things that she can do--he gives her a ring and then lays down next to her and takes one himself and shakes it like she does. He always makes sure that she has whatever he has--except for things that she might choke on (in his opinion--so large puzzle pieces that he just doesn't want her to eat are a choking hazard).

I have been ambushed by a bunch of boy scouts. I hope they are gone by the time I leave the room.

More funny things SkyWalker has been saying: "Yes, that is a problem." "Let's see here" and OH---

SkyWalker: "What these are?"
Mommy: tee-hee "Those are your testicles"
SkyWalker: "NO!" laughs
Mommy: "Yes. You can call them your balls." giggle
SkyWalker: "I'm gonna kick these balls."
Mommy: "That might hurt."
SkyWalker: "I'm going put these balls on your nose!"
Mommy: "Uh... no."
SkyWalker: "I'm gonna put these balls on your eyes!!"
Mommy: "That's just weird... no... tee-hee... no"

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Shinesalot said...

That is AWESOME! I am specifically referring to the "balls" conversation, but it's all great. Littleman has been obsessed with the word "poop" lately...which is unfortunate because he loves to say things like, "I gonna poop in your hair mommy" or "I poop in your bed!" He says these things because he knows I can't stop laughing when he does...even though I am saying, "Those are not nice words, Littleman!" Good times.

Audrey said...

Hey, it's Audrey from BW. Still checking up on you every so often. We
recently had a conversation about balls as well. Carson said, but I
can't want balls. Sorry, babe you're kind of stuck with them. LOL!

Bee said...

Hahahahahaha... Boogie is very big on asking whether people have penises or vaginas and making sure (through verbal questioning rather than inspections!) that everyone has a butt... Good times!