Thursday, November 15, 2007


SkyWalker has been practicing his sorting, classification and labeling skills. I.E yelling "That man has a bald head" in the middle of Denny's. Or storytime. I suppose I should be glad that in storytime he did not say "That man has a black bald head."

He loves to group people by their similarities--usually involving hair--but is also big into labeling boys and girls, men and women. The funniest though was this afternoon during snack time. I was telling him that I still needed to get ready for work and he said "No, Mommy NOT need to go to work." I said "Oh yeah, who's gonna pay the bills? You?" and his response was "No, my not a woman!" What the hell?? Only women pay bills? That's the funniest nonsensical stereotype I have ever heard.

I am mostly done with my Christmas shopping and those that I haven't bought for I at least know what I'm doing for them. I bought my Christmas Eve pajamas for myself, as well as the slippers I asked Vader for since I saw them while I was shopping. I've asked him to do my stocking and to get me one thing that's a surprise. He has no idea what to get me. None. I could walk around in a bathrobe with holes in it and he would not think to get me a new robe. I could say "Wow, I wish I had a cheesy bracelet with my kids names on it" and he would not think to get it. Unless I say "Buy this for me" and give him explicit directions, he just doesn't pick up on "clues." And even if there aren't actual things that I could use (like a nice new black bathrobe) or want (like a cheese bracelet), I am OBSESSED with Buffy and Wonder Woman. At the very least he could get me some silly Buffy thing and I would be happy.

The Princess is 6 months old today. I can't believe that 6 months have actually passed... it seems like just yesterday. We celebrated by making out, our usual afternoon activity. The problem with making out with a 6 month old is that she takes it too seriously and always tries to stick her tongue in my mouth. Or spit up on me. That was gross. Oh, gross that's a g-word. Anyway, she loves it when I kiss her neck and chin and she giggles and it is the best thing in the world. No, the best thing in the world is when she sneezes and farts at the same time. THAT is hilarious.

One of Vader's friends has volunteered to feed the dogs in the evening and MIL will do it in the morning, so it looks like we'll make it to Thanksgiving on LI.  Which is good since I need to have my "measurements" taken for my matron of honor dress. I need to decide on a color since I'm not too fond of the buttercup yellow that the other girls are wearing...  consensus seems to be with a light green or blue... I need to go through the 18 or 19 suggestions of my friends and see which one wins out. ;-)

There is a bag of cheese doodles on Bee's chair. I swear to you, it is calling to me. I'm trying to ignore it, but, oh, the temptation is strong.

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yarnlibrarian said...

Wait a minute. Classification and labeling?? What do you have, a future cataloger on your hands?? ;-)

wickedlibrarian said...

YAY for future catalogers!! :-D

Bee said...

Why did you bother holding back? We didn't hold back when you had Reese's Pieces on your desk, did we?!? Teeheehee... (All you had to do was ask!)... And, where gifts are concerned, I think all husbands need a list to keep them on track... Subtlety is just not included in that miniscule "Y" chromosome!