Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My best friend is a million miles away. Or so it seems. But, we live in an age of e-mail and cell phones and blogs and there are things in the air that take you places.

Yesterday was a holiday. In the past I would have had to work since the library does not believe in holidays. But not anymore... so instead of working and watching other people enjoy the day off with their families, the entire Jedi clan went to the science museum. SkyWalker loved having his Daddy there (although he did mention Littleman), the Princess actually slept for 30 minutes !in public!. And earlier that day SkyWalker swept the garage with his Daddy. We ate dinner together. It was lovely.

The neighbor canceled our playdate yesterday so we'll have to set up a new one. But we have others lined up with our old friends (who have a son SkyWalker's age and are in the same school district).

SkyWalker did wonderful at storytime today. He did ask if Littleman would be there, but he didn't let his absence stop him from having a good time. He stood up and danced and answered questions and walked AWAY FROM ME to dance with other kids. It was thrilling.

After storytime we went to Wal-Mart so SkyWalker could pick out a Christmas present for his sister.  He really wanted a Winnie the pooh rattle like the Tigger rattle she already has but they didn't have it. So he settled on a regular rattle and a Pooh doll. It was so cute seeing him looking and having him say that "she needs a Pooh rattle".

When we got home and the Princess took a nap we went outside. We crammed everything we could into half an hour. He had to pee so he dropped his pants to pee in the grass. I was holding him and pushing his heiney so he wouldn't pee on his shoes... and he farted into my hand. Twice. Good times.

But they are good times... I am home with my children. I can enjoy the day instead of hear about it from someone else. For the first time in AGES I am not worried about the winter. If it's snowing, I'm already home. I just have to worry about staying warm when he wants to play outside. And I'm sure I will feel bad for The Nice Librarian and Bee but if it's snowing and there's any kind of accumulation there's really just no way I'll make it to work... for Vader to leave his high paying job early enough to come home and plow so I can drive for an hour to work 3 1/2 hours makes no sense. And if it's bad enough for him to leave early, it's too bad for me to drive. So for the first time I'm just not worrying about snow. If I can't get out of my driveway and there's no one home to watch the kids, um, yeah, I'm not going in.

I have a wonderful group of friends who may be scattered throughout the country, but are close in more important ways. We share secrets and support each other.

I have great co-workers... who are friends... even if we'll never be able to do anything because they're always working. ;-)

And I have wonderful siblings. Siblings that make me miss Long Island. And who the hell would miss Long Island?

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fauxmiddlechild said...

sounds like a lovely day at the museumI'm glad you were able to do that*hugs*

Bee said...

Glad to know that we rate now! Teeheehee... As far as getting together is concerned, though, I actually have 2 days off coming up... Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 27th... Wanna meet up at one of our houses for a playdate?!? No big deal if you can't, but I thought it might be fun to actually hang out outside of work! TTYL