Thursday, November 1, 2007

And so it begins

It was an appropriately gloomy day today. As it should be since my sunshine is gone.

I am eating lots of Halloween candy. This is not good.

Both of my children slept until 8 this morning. Well, the Princess was up at 6:30, ate, fell asleep in my arms and stayed asleep when I put her in the crib at 7. Normally I would love them to sleep until 8 but we had to leave for soccer at 8:45 and they both needed to eat breakfast. I rushed around, got them out on time, got to soccer... and SkyWalker refused to play because there was a new coach. And he was a brat about it too. So we left after all the nonsense getting out of the house to begin with. We went to the store to get more peaches and pears for the Princess. He was perfectly well behaved. No running, no nonsense. He held the basket and stayed with me the entire time and smiled at people and everyone beamed at him as he walked by. So I can't be too mad at him, but ugh. We're going back next week and he will participate whether he wants to or not.

FIL is still in the hospital. He had a GI scan done this morning but we won't know the results until who knows when. He's very nauseous which is why they did the scan. He's on anti-nausea meds which makes him out of it. Apparently he was sleeping the entire time Vader visited yesterday. It's not looking good to me but I'm not a doctor and I'm a bit of a pessimist...  

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Bee said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Vader's dad is not looking good... I will keep him in my prayers...