Friday, June 13, 2008

Clever titles elude me

It's so hard losing a relative or a loved one. It must be a thousand times harder when you see it plastered all over the news. Or hearing about it for the first time on the radio. My heart goes out to Shinesalot and the rest of her husband's family mourning Uncle Tim. 

Damn these miles between us. 

We had another playdate today. SkyWalker was a freak as usual--walking around in his rain boots and mittens and not talking to anyone. But he warmed up towards the end and declared that he would be friends with train boy. He told me he doesn't like talking to people but he likes saying goodbye to them. Which is true, he very politely said goodbye to everyone. Next week should be younger kids for the Princess to play with so hopefully there won't be as much of a mess as there was today. Today was out of control. When I have kids over I expect that there will be a mess. That's what kids do. They play with things and then leave them where they are for mommy to clean later. Doesn't matter whose mommy. What I don't expect is for a child to empty every bin of toys, dump them on the floor, NOT play with them, and just walk away and go make a mess in another part of my house. SkyWalker helped me clean up even though he didn't make the mess at all. Next time I'm going to have to play outside the whole time or have fewer toys out or open my mouth and say "hey, don't do that."

I repeat. Making friends is hard.

We have located the elusive hole in the Thomas Ball Pit. Unfortunately I have no idea where I put the patching thing that came with it. And the inflater thing that came with the air compressor we have sucks ass and is broken. At least I know where the hole is now and we can get a kit from the store and blow it up with the old fashioned foot pump we have. 

It is almost 10 pm. The dishes are done. Laundry is folded. Toys have been picked up. Vader is downstairs working out. The dogs are sleeping. I need to shower but really I think I just need to go to bed. I will do neither one though, and wind up surfing the net and snacking and wondering why I'm so tired tomorrow morning. 

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