Monday, June 2, 2008

The Princess and the Pee

The Princess peed on the potty.

I've been putting her on it at bath time to get her used to it, when there's a delay between the diaper coming off (big poop) and getting in the tub (waiting for big brother), and because I think she looks so funny and cute sitting on the toilet. Yesterday after breakfast I was getting her dressed, Vader and SkyWalker were in the bathroom brushing teeth and I decided to put her on the potty for the fun of it. I said "Pee" and she peed. Since we were all in the bathroom she got a wild round of applause and squealing from everyone. I knew it was a fluke and just really good timing. I'm not potty training her. She's 1, she can't tell me when she has to go, this is all for fun.

I put her on the potty after breakfast today and said "Pee" and she peed again. 

I still think it's way too early but I'm going to keep doing it mostly because I think it's so damn funny hearing her pee on the potty and her big brother clap and squee.

I've re-evaluated the pacifier thing. I was reading in my Baby Whisperer book about the best approach to do it and I realized something. It's not the right time. It's not because of any crying or because it's too hard. It's not and it won't be. But when I looked at *why* I wanted to do it... I took SkyWalker's away at a year, so I should take hers away too is not a good reason. I don't want her walking around with it. Well, she doesn't. She doesn't use it for playtime. She doesn't get it any other time than in the crib. I don't stick it in her mouth, she picks it up and is in control. At night time I don't have to run in there to put it back in her mouth. She either does it herself or just doesn't need it since I frequently find it thrown on the floor when I get her in the morning. So why am I making a big deal now? Particularly since she's got a cold and we're going to LI soon. Now is not the time. I'm going to continue to not use it in the car unless it's necessary. I had been just automatically giving it her (in her lap) before I even drove away. Now I keep it within my reach and if she starts really fussing I can hand it to her (haven't needed to yet). I also use to give it her in the stroller right away. It was clipped to her blankie so she could get it if she wanted to. Now I keep it up top so if she starts screaming in a store I have it. I think I'll probably wait until the end of the summer when all our traveling is over and then do it for real then. She should be on one nap by then anyway which will make it a little easier. 

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