Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Jedi and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Written at 3:30 before Vox died:

No, it's not really that bad.

We did not go to our weekly picnic lunch because SkyWalker caught the Princess's cold and is coughing. More that that he was a whiny pain in the neck who did not want to get dressed and go anywhere. Since I had/have to pack for tomorrow and I'm working tonight I decided not to fight with him and to just skip it. 

The evil duo pulled all of the Princess's clothes out of her dresser as I was trying to pack. They jumbled everything I had put aside to pack with all of the stuff from the drawers. The Princess did not take a morning nap. Instead she ate a piece of dog food. SkyWalker has spent most of the day whining and yelling at me. 

Right now we are all in the office, listening to Beastie Boys. SkyWalker is playing Elmo on his computer. The Princess was playing nicely but is now prying my fingers off the keyboard. 

We have to leave at 8 am tomorrow. Just took her upstairs for another nap. She slept 2 hours and I had expected more but she did have a poopy diaper. I guess despite her jumping up and down in her crib she still needed more sleep. Silly me. Anyway, we have to leave at 8 in order to catch the ferry. Which means that when I come home from work at 9:30 tonight I'll be running around like crazy. I hate that *I* have to pack for 3 people. I mentioned this to Vader last night and he sympathetically said "that does suck." He was very nice and not sarcastic, but dude maybe you can HELP. Why do I have to think of everything? I hate packing. I hate traveling. 

You have to fight for your right to party.

Why can't I have Front Row running in the background while I do other things on the computer? That sucks. 

I need to get ready for work. I need to get more things organized to pack. I hate working Thursday nights. 

Good times.

Added at 5:40:

It continues! 5 minutes before I have to leave for work the phone rings. It's my MIL. Long story short she was calling to tell me she was bringing people to my house. Um. No. You don't do that. So I said "No, you're not." She said "Why not?" Really? Do I have to explain that it is rude to call someone and say "I'm bringing people to your house."? That's bad enough, but at the last minute no less? My house is a mess, my kid is in dirty pajamas, they need to be fed and put to bed early and my husband has to pack. Tonight is not a good night for visitors. Even without a good reason to say no, it's rude for her to not ASK, but to TELL me. Anyway, I get off the phone, Vader tells me *I* was rude. I explain, his voice changes (like he agrees with me) when I say she wanted to bring people over, he asks who, I tell him and it turns out it's relatives from South Carolina. See, she always calls this cousin by her maiden name and then on the phone she used her married name. I thought she wanted to bring church people or neighbors or something ridiculous like that. So he called her back and said okay. And now I'm sure I look rude, but really, wouldn't it have been better to call up and say "Remember so-and-so? She's in town and since you're leaving tomorrow can we come over tonight so she can see the kids?" Wouldn't that have been the polite courteous thing?


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